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From Ava to Elliott: Backstreet Boy AJ McLean’s Unwavering Support for His Daughter’s Journey

Many children experience periods of gender exploration with their clothes and toys and also in their role-playing. Psychologists agree that it is not normal for children to continue doing this as they age. Experts agree that parents need to be open with their children about gender identity.

The most famous AJ McLean is a singer who treats his daughter’s choices in a fatherly manner. We’d love to hear how he feels about her gender identity journey.

AJ McLean has a deep love for his children.

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AJ McLean, the singer, is as dedicated to his children’s lives as he was to his music career. Rochelle Karidis, the Backstreet Boys singer, is now a father to 2 beautiful daughters. AJ McLean is still loyal to his family nine years after he married the love of his lifetime.

Rochelle, his wife, was a great inspiration for the singer. She has supported him throughout his life to be the best version possible and the best father to his children over the years. McLean stated shortly after their wedding that they would wait three years before having children. However, their family grew barely one year later with the birth of their first daughter, Ava.

McLean’s daughters see their father as an example to them.

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Lyric and Ava McLean, ages 5-9, follow in their father’s footsteps and explore the entertainment industry. Ava started with dance-classes and competitive-dance, and her sister Lyric is following in her father’s footsteps, taking a deep interest in her sister.

McLean is a meticulous dad who loves spending time with his girls. McLean often posts pictures on Instagram of him doing “girly” things with his children, such as fancy manicures. He is open to all of their activities and will play with them. However, he is also committed to supporting his daughters’ preferences and opinions. This was evident in a recent family event.

He was astonished at his daughter’s reaction to her name change.

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McLean and Rochelle announced their change in an Instagram post. shared the following: “After two and a half years of homeschooling, these beauties are returning to school!” Lyric will be starting kindergarten, and Elliott (Ava), is in the fourth grade. It’s amazing! These girls are so beautiful. While I will miss them, it is exciting to see them fly!

Ava’s parents fully supported their daughter but stressed that she changed her name to Elliott because it was her personal choice.

McLean stated that when my daughter requested to change her name from Ava to Elliott, she initially didn’t know whether she was transgender. But it is a personal decision. It’s her body, her name, everything, and she’s still Ava. She will always be Ava to my eyes.” He said, “Whatever reasoning it may be, that’s hers, and I’m going-to support it a million-times. My spouse will also.”

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Although Ava’s reason for changing her name is not related to transgender topics, her dad will always support her in making decisions. AJ McLean explains to Ava that his 9-year-old daughter was unhappy going by Ava as it is ” not very unique and not that original” and that she had already met other girls with the same name at school and in dance classes.

“Whatever the journey my girls take, I will support them a million times. My wife will also be there to keep them. He stated that this is the family he calls.

What would you think of your child’s decision to change their name? Are you in agreement with AJ McLean on this issue?

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Written by Liam Stevens

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