“When Life Gives You Lemons, Some People Get a Whole Lemon Tree: A Look at the Worst Days Imaginable”

Life can be tough, and sometimes it feels like everything is working against us. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own problems and forget that others are going through tough times too. That’s why the r/Wellthatsucks subreddit is so great. It’s a community of 3.2 million people who share their misfortunes in a way that makes us all feel a little better about our own lives.

Below are just a few examples of the “well, that sucks” moments that people have shared on the subreddit. From car accidents to ruined cakes, these pictures will make you grateful for your own bad days.

One image shows a car that’s been completely flattened by a tree. The owner is standing nearby, looking completely devastated. Another shows a person who accidentally broke their brand new phone only hours after buying it. They’re holding the phone with a look of disbelief on their face.

There are also some more humorous images, like the person who accidentally dyed their hands blue while trying to color their hair. Or the person who opened a bag of chips only to find it filled with air and just a few sad crumbs at the bottom.

Perhaps the most relatable image is the one of the ruined cakes. It’s a beautiful layer cake with pink frosting and sprinkles, but it’s been completely ruined by a careless mistake. The caption reads, “My daughter’s 8th birthday cake. It’s supposed to have an ‘s’ at the end.”

Looking at these images, it’s easy to feel grateful for our own bad days. Sure, maybe we spilled coffee on our shirts or got stuck in traffic, but at least we didn’t have a tree fall on our car or ruin a special occasion cake. These images remind us that everyone has bad days, and we can all find comfort in commiserating with others.

In conclusion, the r/Wellthatsucks subreddit is a great place to go when you’re feeling down. These images remind us that life can be tough, but we can always find solace in the fact that we’re not alone. So, the next time you’re having a bad day, take a look at these images and remember that things could always be worse.

#1.South Africa’s tough conditions prevent morning swim

Source: ShaunBezzo

#2.Snow penguin created with kids faces a difficult day

Source: RunningTrisarahtop

#3.Challenging airport parking situation

Source: TheJakl

#4.Stress-reliever toy fails to calm nerves

Source: elpropiosaya

#5.Difficulties in parking in Baltimore

Source: AdmiralLobstero

#6.Warning against buying gas station breakfast burritos

Source: LadyRaoulDukeGonzo

#7.Clean tub ruined by children’s bath time

Source: kbeks

#8.Fake hawk intended to scare seagulls befriends them instead

Source: GallowBoob

#9.Cat tower purchased, but cat doesn’t fit

Source: KobraKay87

#10.Rough day experienced

Source: Potbrowniebender

#11.Gravity wins in a trip and fall, but no serious injury

Source: Shaneblaster

#12.Moving insects found on garbage can in the morning

Source: Agnar_95

#13.Uncle Jeff attempts to put up Christmas tree with comical results

Source: dowdspooka

#14.Sunburn in the shape of a mask after working at outdoor vaccine clinic without sunscreen

Source: thatwillnotsuffice

#15.Disneyland trip with ripped shorts halfway through the day

Source: ImThe1Wh0

#16.Online purchase of a smartphone turns out to be a stone

Source: samfisher457

#17.Haircut from mom who earlier questioned her ability to see properly

Source: JoeEstevez

#18.Burnt pork ribs due to forgetting about them while working

Source: RadixLecti72

#19.Rough ride ahead indicated by photo


#20.Tire explodes while driving on freeway

Source: Swagatron321

#21.Cleanser leak results in angry spider superhero

Source: greenjm7

#22.Dark chocolate bar melts in jacket pocket while attempting to remove wrinkles

Source: Kitchen_Economics182

#23.Birds seem angry for unknown reason

Source: TheOneYandle

#24.New prescription glasses reveal worse vision than expected

Source: SmithNotASmith

#25.Post-surgery photo makes person appear like a horror movie doll

Source: puppy_glitter

#26.Missed train, but dinner remains intact

Source: old_gold_mountain

#27.Allergic to the sun in a country with mostly sunny days

Source: YourTypicalSaudi

#28.Someone out there is having a bad day

Source: TheShadowDemon247

#29.Gympie flooding shown through a photo

Source: TheShadowDemon247

#30.Roommate leaves fridge uncleaned and electricity off

Source: Inchiostro95

#31.Lost phone found by car in the woods

Source: WindowsXP_MemeMaker

Written by Hailey Martin

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