Woman Marries Ragdoll She Made for Her by Her Mum, and Now They Have A Baby Together

“He is the man I have always longed for in my life.”

Meirivone Rocha fell in love with Marcelo, her mother’s handmade toy ragdoll. Meirivone, a single woman, complained that she didn’t have anyone to dance with or talk to. Soon romance blossomed, and the couple got married in a lovely ceremony.

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Meirivone spoke about their love story, explaining that she didn’t have any forro dancers. I used to go to these dances but didn’t always find a partner. It all became clear when he came into my life. It was an unforgettable day for me. It was imperative and very emotional. It rained quite a bit, but it was beautiful. It was beautiful. I followed the aisle down to the end.

“Then we went to the wedding with Marcelo and had a great time.”

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Brazil-based said, “It was an amazing day for me. He is the man I’ve always wanted in my heart. Married life is great with him.” Meirivone said Marcelo doesn’t fight with her, doesn’t argue, and gets her point. He is a faithful and great husband, which she said was something women envy. However, she acknowledged that he could be a bit lazy.

Meirivone, the sole breadwinner, is the one who has to struggle to pay the bills.

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The new couple has welcomed a child together. The couple received Marcelinho, their doll-baby, into the world on May 21st with the assistance of a nurse and a doctor. It was live-streamed to around 200 people. Meirivone was upset that the whole thing was fake.

via meirivone_santinha/Instagram
via meirivone_santinha/Instagram

She retorted, insisting that she was a woman with character and that her parents had taught her honesty and good character.

Written by Liam Stevens

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