20 Times Nature Decided to Ruin People’s Plans with Unforeseen Weather

Weather is one of those things that we can never control. No matter how much we plan and prepare, it has a way of ruining our day. It can be sunny one minute and then pouring rain the next. It can be a beautiful day and suddenly turn into a hurricane. We can never know what to expect. In this post, we’ve compiled some of the most unfortunate moments that people have experienced due to unexpected weather. From ruined plans to ruined clothes, these examples show that nature always has a way of surprising us.

#1.”Escaping from a volcanic eruption today”


#2.”A car was left beneath a leaking pipe by someone”


#3.”My parents and I started a new takeout restaurant five days ago. Unfortunately, Hurricane Michael destroyed it today.”

#4.”Unexpected weather conditions”


#5.”When the earthquake occurs at an inconvenient time”


#6.”In ten seconds, I will understand the importance of lifejackets and renter’s insurance”


#7.”Possibly an excessive amount of rain”


#8.”The experience of evacuating the fires in Oregon. They lived just a mile away from Blue River, Oregon.”


#9.”There was a chance of rain today, so I decided to bring my umbrella with me… It didn’t turn out well!”


#10.”I woke up at 2:30 am to embark on a two-hour drive up to an elevation of 10,000 feet to witness the sunrise atop Haleakala. Have you ever witnessed such beauty?”


#11.”Yesterday, our neighbor’s 80-foot locust tree provided us with natural skylights, offering a magnificent view of the stars and creating an ambiance reminiscent of the Rainforest Cafe in our living room. No one was injured, but our dogs were quite upset and made a mess of the bed. Life moves on.”


#12.”At least he received what he had requested”


#13.”I parked my Jeep under the porch to protect it from the weather”


#14.”The sunroof sustained damage from hail”


#15.”The weather is chilly outside”


#16.”A Lamborghini Huracan was flooded in São Paulo due to rain. Unfortunately, it was not insured.”


#17.”Derecho winds exceeding 110 mph impaled the house with a lawn chair in Iowa on 8/10″


#18.”Remember not to leave your kayak exposed to the sun”


#19.”When it snows before the leaves have fallen off”


#20.”I attempted to visit my boyfriend on my day off but had to turn back because the fires apparently opened a portal to hell”


Written by Hailey Martin

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