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Capturing the Beauty of Family and Farm Life with a Newborn

I am a professional photographer for newborns in San Diego. Although I love taking photos of babies in my studio, I also enjoy adventuring with my clients and going outdoors whenever possible.

When a mom-to-be messaged me to ask if I could book a newborn session at her farm, she was very interested. When she told me about her family farm and the animals they loved so much, it was clear what I wanted to do. I agreed to her request to photograph her newborn daughter on the family farm.

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I photographed a newborn on a farm family farm.

I brought along a few accessories and props that I carefully picked from my studio. Because the photo shoot took place in winter, I made sure I had outfits appropriate for her weather so she could stay warm during our session.

Before I started posing the baby, we ensured she was well-fed, had her diaper changed, and was happy. To achieve intricate poses, you should have a calm baby.

Rooster photobombing this picture

We began with the larger farm animals, and the baby girl was carefully photographed (with her parent within arms reach) with her farm sheep and pig. The rooster felt left out, so he photobombed this image. It was perfect!

Chickens surround the baby as he grows up

The farm dog and the new baby

The next step was to take a photo with the family dog. He was so good and sat right next to the baby while she was safely posed inside a bucket.

Chickens surround a newborn girl

We had to get the baby girl with all the chickens photographed. It wasn’t easy because they didn’t care that I wanted them in the frame. Dad sprinkled some feed on the ground, and they all came for the shot.

A newborn girl poses in a bucket

Because of the uniqueness of its location and the images I captured, this newborn photography session is my favorite. For your next newborn photography session, I recommend going outdoors to a farm!

Written by Liam Stevens

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