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36 Perfect-Timing Photos That Prove Staying Outside the Blanket is Dangerous

It’s a well-known fact that being outside the blanket can be dangerous. But just how dangerous, you may ask? Well, these 36 perfect-timing photos will show you exactly that.

These hilarious snaps were collected from the r/PerfectTiming subreddit, a community dedicated to sharing unplanned and unexpected photos that capture the perfect moment. If you’re a fan of this type of humor, be sure to check out the subreddit for more giggles.

For now, let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy these 36 perfect-timing photos that prove just how dangerous it is to leave the comfort of your blanket. From funny falls to awkward poses, these pictures are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

So, whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just a way to pass the time, scroll down and enjoy these perfectly timed photos. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite and share with your friends and family. They’ll thank you for the laughs.

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#1 0.5 seconds before realizing she had overlooked the glass

Source: Sakalalaa

#2 My daughter was caught spitting chocolate milk from her nose while celebrating with her father.


#3 Give it to me, you!

Source: bastard_vampire

#4  I accidentally captured my bumper coming off when my brother was hitting a puddle!

Source: DauphDaddy

#5 I believe I terrified this cormorant…

Source: nutriera9v

#6 It’s the ideal time for a hammer.

Source: pitline810

#7 Tommy finally fought back against the bully after his mom reminded him that he was a toucan, not a toucan’t…

Source: Witty_Operation2486

#8 On my first time paddle boarding, I tried standing up.

Source: rLal1998

#9 In Russia, it’s just another wedding.

Source: seriesfeel55

#10 A photo of myself from many years ago, in which the girl next to me had pushed me off the table.

Source: pyoung1996

#11 Headshot! oh

Source: SpankyNoodle

#12 I was halfway down the hill snapping photos, and this was the greatest one.

Source: Gingerfox7474

#13 While my friend was giggling, his dog slipped its tongue into his mouth.

Source: ravennawoods

#14 When a foot to the head is the best alternative…

Source: smashley1128

#15 The cocktail was illuminated with a laser.

Source: min-1

#16 This puppy clearly adores her.

Source: michaelgo101

#17 a slick sidewalk

Source: KevlarYarmulke

#18 Welp yey

Source: Aeogor

#19 . Contact person

Source: InRealLife904

#20 retrieved from the family photo album

Source: UkTapes

#21 When this photograph was shot, they were living in two separate universes.

Source: AbsolutelyUnlikely

#22 This photo of these two airborne on a tube was well timed.

Source: wadeybb

#23 A beautiful engagement photo shoot

Source: naughtykteacher

#24 Bill Clinton tries to catch the ball during his presidency

Source: EnolaSnelgrove

#25 The Paella’s Decline

Source: Dusty_Machine

#26 Tubing with my two cousins. I’m the one about to collapse.

Source: hollyjacquelyn

#27 It’s time for lunch!

Source: AdamE89

#28 My mother photographed me wiping out as a child.

Source: Mordrie

#29 Crotch bite in the light of a fire

Source: kiithsoban

#30 While raising the league trophy, my friend managed to strike himself in the face.

Source: Eski_T36

#31 That did not go as planned.

Source: JoyousTongueFlower

#32 That’s going to hurt.

Source: hauntcircus

#33 When you’re running for your life…

Source: therebel007

#34 So magnificent

Source: loopdeloops

#35 . I particularly enjoy the sunglasses in midair.

Source: asdfdsfafd

#36 Mommy instincts

Source: JukeboxSommelier

Written by Liam Stevens

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