30 Hilarious Photoshop Fails That Will Leave You in Stitches

Are you a fan of photo editing or Photoshop? Well, if you are, then you know that it can be a real challenge to get everything just right. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to master this skill, and some Photoshop attempts end up being epic fails.

The subreddit ‘Photoshop Fails’ is a prime example of this. In this group, people share the most ridiculous and funny photoshopped images that have ever been created. From awkwardly stretched limbs to missing body parts, the fails are endless.

In this gallery, we’ve compiled 30 of the funniest and most cringe-worthy Photoshop fails for your entertainment. Scroll down to check them out and prepare to laugh out loud.

Some of our favorites include a woman with freakishly long fingers, a man with an impossibly small head, and a family photo where one person is floating in mid-air. You won’t believe your eyes!

While these photos may make you chuckle, it’s important to remember that photo editing should always be used with caution and skill. After all, nobody wants to end up with a Photoshop fail of their own.

#1 Invisible Bottom

Image source: 18protons

#2 Photoshop Level: 1000!

Image source: hi-man-road

#3 I Have No Words

Image source: magnemist

#4 Photoshop Fail, Unless This Is A Whole New Yoga

Image source: tribelawn

#5 This Mattress Pad Will Protect Your Bed From Giant Disembodied Hands That Pour Old Soda Onto Invisible Flat Surfaces

Image source: Karnakite

#6 Bruh

Image source: mwazz57

#7 Poor Horsie Legs

Image source: cryptic_slays

#8 A Toy For Your Child If Your Child Is Satan

Image source: jessiegay

#9 Seems Legit

Image source: hannahkp10

#10 The Most Magical Pair Of Pants You Ever Did See

Image source: ThEquinox2

#11 Thumb Looks Kinda Sus

Image source: Zhorhersi

#12 Click Bait At The Bottom Of A Legitimate News Article. Totally Real Bridge With Totally Real Cars

Image source: Sydeburnn

#13 Found This Advertising An Article…how Many Hands Does She Have?

Image source: Scarletrouge7

#14 I Spit Out My Drink

Image source: holluu

#15 These Realtors Really Tried Their Best Giving The Tree Some Leaves

Image source: sarazamia

#16 Need I Say More About This Instagram Ad?

Image source: KING__LIGMA

#17 Looking For Face Covers On Amazon

Image source: F21lva

#18 Tmz “Composite” Fail Of Sophie Turner And Jonas New Born

Image source: seanobeano

#19 Haters Will Say Its Photoshop!

Image source: Forgi719

#20 Oh Well

Image source: KKaena

#21 What A Comfortable Looking Totally Real Mask

Image source: devishjack

#22 Legs Of A Alien

Image source: a_fokus

#23 This Cat… Is Wearing Makeup?

Image source: theokcorral

#24 And All The Kittens Clapped For The Graphics Design Skills

Image source: Racingteamsam

#25 “Look At Those Amazing Eyes! They’re Mesmerizing!”

Image source: ThrowPopcornAtMyFace

#26 Hides Your Missing Chin

Image source: impressiver

#27 Wish I Had A Dog As Real As That

Image source: SyphiListerine

#28 Photoshop Fail , After Tunisian Minister Shows Too Much Leg

Image source: azizfcb

#29 Anyone Else Always Swim In Regular Clothes And Shoes?

Image source: snwiajfnai

#30 Those Arms And That Waist Are Ridiculous

Image source: rotang2240

Written by Hailey Martin

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