50 Genius Redneck Solutions to Everyday Problems

Are you tired of spending a fortune on expensive gadgets to solve everyday problems? Well, look no further than the Reddit community r/RedNeckEngineering! This community is filled with creative and innovative people who have found genius solutions to their problems using items that can be found in any garage or toolshed.

However, before we dive into these solutions, we must give a warning: Do not try this at home! While these solutions are often hilarious, they may not be the safest or most efficient way to solve a problem.

With that said, let’s check out some of the most genius solutions that people have come up with on r/RedNeckEngineering. From using a lawn mower to clear snow to creating a makeshift grill out of a shopping cart, these solutions will have you laughing and impressed all at once.

One user found a way to use a bicycle tire to fix a broken recliner, while another created a car hood BBQ grill. Need to haul a large object but don’t have a truck? No problem! Just use a tractor, as one user did to haul a car.

But it’s not just about fixing problems – some of these solutions are just plain fun, like using an old washing machine drum as a fire pit or a boat made out of duct tape.

#1 Invisible Bottom

Image source: u/CharlieMike111

#2 Solo Couch Carry

Image source: u/muchhodl

#3 Soap holder at my friend’s house

Image source: u/muchos-memes

#4 Self feeding fire

Image source: u/Capt_Irk

#5 Found this fork in my brothers house and asked him why he had done it…. then he ran upstairs to grab his IPad

Image source: u/projectolivine

#6 My 12 year old son modified his bike with carpet for barefoot riding

Image source: u/flaglerite

#7 Alarm System

Image source: u/MeliaDanae

#8 I think this qualifies?

Image source: u/Low_Adhesiveness_763

#9 Redneck repurposing of kids’ recreational toys

Image source: u/Cautious-Damage7575

#10 My local elotero putting a shopping cart to good use

Image source: u/elmexiguero

#11 Found on FB, thought it was pretty slick

Image source: u/[deleted]

12 Need to relocate your switch?

Image source: u/[deleted]

#13 Your move, NASA

Image source: u/may_sun

#14 Spotted this beauty at a Walmart

Image source: u/turbocharged_autism

#15 Outdoor urinal behind home garage

Image source: u/davidb300z

#16 Fixed the downspout

Image source: u/tsmeagain

#17 This man is before his time

Image source: u/bjs1023113

#18 Heavy Duty Office Chair

Image source: u/Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#19 Almost unnoticeable

Image source: u/unskillfu11

#20 No foundation? No problem….also… WTF?

Image source: u/anthonysny

#21 Im actually impressed

Image source: u/rusty3474

#22 My gas cap stopped closing properly, so I came up with a solution

Image source: u/0311fml

#23 This counts, right?

Image source: u/LinuxUser13301939

#24 Just don’t bring it to the boil

Image source: u/[deleted]

#25 We like redneck engineering so much in Brasil we have a word for it : “Gambiarra”

Image source: u/pepesiq

Written by Hailey Martin

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