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25 Hilariously Lazy Geniuses Who Have Found Easy Solutions to Life’s Problems

Are you tired of constantly working hard to solve life’s problems? Well, look no further because we have found 25 people who have found the most creative and humorous solutions to make their lives easier. These people can be considered lazy geniuses as they have managed to simplify their lives with their innovative and humorous solutions.

In this gallery, you will find hilarious photos of people who have found new ways to listen to music, operate a TV without a remote, surf the internet while lying on the floor, and even drink juice in a new and exciting way. These solutions are so genius that you might even wonder why you never thought of them before.

One of the photos features a person who is too lazy to hold their phone while listening to music, so they found a new use for their glasses by placing the phone on top of them. Another photo shows how someone has found a new way to operate their TV when they lose the remote control – by using a broomstick!

The creativity doesn’t stop there, as one person has found a way to surf the internet while lying down by propping their laptop up with a pillow. And when it comes to drinking juice, forget using a glass – one person has found a new level of laziness by drinking it straight from the carton.

#1 When you want to listen to music, but are too lazy to hold your phone

Source: mralix

#2 “Killing 2 birds with one stone” in practice

Source: feelosophiya

#3 My friend just took lazy to a new level

Source: imgur

#4 Who says you can’t surf the Internet lying on the floor?

Source: cheami

#5 Just in case nature calls in the middle of the night

Source: TheRabbitHole-512

#6 People call me lazy, I call it smart

Source: GeoKureli

#7 Rather than clean it up, they put a sign up

Source: MudrakM

#8 This kid is going places

Source: arvzg

#9 It ain’t much, but it’s better than console

Source: jaf21

#10 Just lost the remote so…

Source: cejaspobladas

#11 My friend’s taken lazy to a new drunk level

Source: Barkboy63

#12 The struggle is real when you have to get gas but you’re too lazy to get out and pump

Source: Struggle4Real

#13 We use only the latest hands free technology

Source: unstablereality

#14 My razor broke about 5 days ago. Still too lazy to go get a new one

Source: AncientChineseSecret

#15 My brother is too lazy to get a protective mat for the floor so instead he just puts socks on his desk chair

Source: marzipanius

#16 Laziness level: Asian

Source: Zezeka

#17 When you’re to lazy to decorate for both Christmas and Halloween

Source: Auditt809

#18 Why do you have to walk when you can take your grandchild’s skateboard and ride?

Source: FreddyAmazin/twitter

#19 Google knows everything. We don’t need anyone else

Source: frivus/reddit

#20 When you are too lazy to cook something twice

Source: NugBug420/reddit

#21 My lazy little brother found a quicker way to learn English letters

Source: Im_that_stupid/reddit

#22 Now it’s convenient

Source: hiddenvalley/imgur

#23 How lazy people eat watermelon while enjoying TV shows

Source: Despacitojustin/reddit

#24 My friend made this to clean his bathroom tiles

Source: DingoDamp/reddit

#25 This is quite extravagant, wouldn’t you agree?

Source: Discombooberator/pikabu

Written by Hailey Martin

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