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The Hilarious Reality of ‘What I Wanted Vs. What I Got’: Funny Stories of Disappointment Shared on TikTok

Expectations can be a tricky thing. While they can set us up for disappointment, they can also lead to pleasant surprises. But when reality falls short of our expectations, it can be a frustrating experience.

These unlucky people know this all too well. Whether it’s a tattoo that doesn’t turn out as expected or an online purchase that doesn’t live up to its description, these funny stories of disappointment are all too relatable. And now, thanks to TikTok, people are sharing their tales of frustration for the world to see.

Check out these 23 viral posts of the most hilarious examples of expectations not meeting reality. From tattoo fails to online shopping mishaps, these stories will have you laughing and nodding along in understanding. So scroll down and enjoy the collection.

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#1 A dark trash bag?

Source: mckenziesanderson

#2 Guess now it

Source: sophslifeandpets

#3 She appears stunning in…

Source: imunique_doee

#4 Do you enjoy making online orders?

Source: zolliete

#5 Nothing to say

Source: theekrimi

#6 Well, that’s awful.

Source: hiisokasbungeegumm

#7 I do not want this.

Source: princecakecosplay

#8 They are nearly done

Source: gracieschwent20

#9 Amazing Fire

Source: georgemichaelsbiggestfan

#10 The artist is unaware of the specifics

Source: roisinmarfahy

#11 Searching for the Ideal Spongebob Popsicle!

Source: brenttelevision

#12 I had faith in this artist because I had enjoyed his previous work for me. My arm is now broken, and my trust is gone.

Source: itsmehollyholliday

#13 Although I bought it for my ex’s wedding, I utilized it for Halloween.

Source: .alexacata

#14 Failure of online shopping

Source: naomielliott.22

#15 That’s just okay.

Source: xo.faatimaa

#16 Diving attire?

Source: melaniewilmoth3

#17 Compared to what I had hoped for

Source: tay.chancey10

#18 They can simply have large feet.

Source: deideikablamo

#19 It is a scary film.

Source: bucybiyela

#20 A Hulk cake was all I wished for.

Source: brenttelevision

#21 Hairstyle change gone bad

Source: gingaaak

#22 illegible tattoos

Source: jessicawilliams546

#23 At least it looks good on the dog!

Source: tanibutterfly

Written by Liam Stevens

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