Dads Share Their Funniest Moments: 22 Hilarious Stories About Kids

Get ready to laugh and be inspired with these 22 incredible stories shared by dads on the wildly popular “Daddit” community on Reddit. With over 575K members, this subreddit is the ultimate destination for all types of fathers to come together and share their experiences, struggles, and triumphs of parenthood. From single dads to step dads and everything in between, these dads have some of the most hilarious and heartwarming stories to share. And with photos linked to their original sources, you can explore even more of these photographers’ amazing work. Don’t miss out on this viral sensation, scroll down and enjoy!

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#1 With my son while playing a video game. My daughter was laughing the entire time behind me. The final outcome was this… I feel gorgeous.

Source: ryinzana

#2 My six-year-old daughter has been requesting a mohawk like her father for months. Today, I cut it for her. My child is truly badass.

Source: KiltedRonin

#3 Which way do you carry the baby, option 1 or option 2? We are about to birth our second kid.

Source: TheAtomicPlayboy

#4 The attempt by my wife to embarrass me on Facebook just made me feel proud of my innovation.

Source: amaurer3210

#5 Only the socks with my daughter’s face printed on them are worn by my daughter.

Source: JohnnyEvs

#6 The battle is genuine. Toilets for men should have changing tables.

Source: mk4rim

#7 Until you kill your own kids for refusing to join you in ruling the galaxy, you aren’t a true parent.

Source: Tony_Lizard

#8 Recently discovered in my son’s room. What ought should I do?

Source: elbartodespringfield

#9 Even though I don’t have many pals, I really need to tell someone. My son’s first tooth fell out!

Source: MlntyFreshDeath

#10 I find it so adorable that kids that age think they are invisible and hide like this.

Source: blickkyvek

#11 He begged to sit in my lap on my Thursday night raid, then basically made himself at home and dozed off.

Source: Lt_Lysol

#12 Appreciative about working from home.

Source: bryanx92

#13 We discovered our son sleeping in this position this morning. He is fighting off a cold, poor boy.

Source: 25964167

#14 I’m done with these kids now. I was so happy that I believed he finished his lunch.

Source: _Tigglebitties

#15 I think I remember having privacy before having children. very hazily.

Source: GorillaLibrarianship

#16 This morning, my son expressed his feelings.

Source: pesqules

#17 3rd baby came home yesterday. I warned Son 2 to stay away from me. His response.

Source: jtalaiver

#18 A photo with three children.

Source: playswithwood

#19 Put this on Reddit, and in 24 hours, he’ll be a meme.

Source: pesqules

#20 I suppose I’m now princess Dada.

Source: Gr8ValuDeanW-NchestR

#21 How I consume candy when my children are there.

Source: No_Brilliant_638

#22 I told my wife that our daughter had eaten a battery, and now she won’t talk to me.

Source: TheAtomicPlayboy

Written by Liam Stevens

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