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The 3-Year-Old Who Can Dress Up As Famous Strong Women: The Resemblance is Striking

It began when Scout’s Nonnie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Scout was worried when Nonnie’s hair started falling out, and I wanted to reassure her. I tried to remind myself and her that women can fight! We picked prominent and challenging ladies to educate her about female strength.

Ashley Larson (Scout’s mom) conceived the concept and handled the technical aspects of filming and editing. Then I taught Scout a little bit about each individual on our list. ‘We then picked a picture to copy jointly. We worked on the project for almost a year, from diagnosis through mastectomy.

‘Scout saw firsthand the power of women. So we shot on. We intended to construct a photo book for Scout and Nonnie after it all. We included some of Nonnie’s favorites, including Ellen. We’re also filming Scout’s Disney heroes!’

‘The initiative was a lifesaver for Scout and me.’ That was precious to show my mother. “I think this initiative taught me as much as it educated my kid. I want Scout to know that women are equally powerful as men. I hope that by the time she is old enough to grasp the power she portrays, women will no longer be considered fragile and dainty. And I hope Scout is proud of who she is and will become.’

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Written by Dasun Maduranga

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