30 Before and After Cleaning Photos That Will Make You Want to Scrub Your Own House

Watching something really dirty or messy transform back to its clean and fresh state can bring a satisfying feeling, especially if you’re not the one doing the cleaning. The act of tidying up can make you feel productive and boost your mood.

Interestingly, when life feels overwhelming, cleaning can be a simple way to regain control. This is why many people share their cleaning successes online. In this collection, we explore some of the most satisfying examples of this. Take a scroll and enjoy the visual journey of before-and-after cleaning achievements.

Scroll down and have a good time. The photos are linked to the sources they were taken from. Feel free to explore more of these photographers’ work on their collections or personal sites.

#1 My great-great grandmother’s cast iron Dutch oven.

#2 Before and After: Cleaning My Room Thoroughly After Overcoming Depression.

#3 Renovating a Wall at Notre-Dame de Paris.

#4 For 10 years, my friend used a Levcoware Japan skillet as a decoration in their yard. After enduring harsh weather all that time, I’ve now managed to bring it back to its former wonderful state.

#5 A copper sink that shines like new

#6 A messy office brought back to order: A team effort.

#7 A clean room after 2 years: A small victory in the fight against depression.

#8 A garage transformed from a junkyard to a haven

#9 An oven door that looks brand new

#10 A pantry cleared out and organized: A breath of fresh air

#11 A chandelier transformed from dirty to dazzling

#12 The sparkle of a 25-year-old Christmas ornament: A simple act of love

#13 A hundred-year-old painting restored to its former beauty

#14 The satisfaction of a job well-done: Just one hour’s work

#15 The aftermath of a lazy IT guy: A before-and-after tale of neglect.

#16 The power of hard work: Turning a swampy pool into an oasis

#17 A 10-year-old wooden floor transformed

#18 The transformation of a pair of Corcoran jump boots: From worn-out to wearable.

#19 The Best Cleaning.

#20 A friend’s gift turned into a labor of love: Bringing a classic car back to life.

#21 A family heirloom restored to its former glory: My parent’s cast iron

#22 A playground transformed by a team of dedicated volunteers

#23 The magic of freshly polished silver: A Thanksgiving tradition

#24 A weed whacker warrior: Taking on the tough jobs with thick skin.

#25 A carpet cleaning pro shares their passion for the job

#26 The joy of steam cleaning: A before-and-after love story.

#27 A 1968 Torino brought back to life, seat by seat.

#28 The incredible restoration of a mausoleum door

#29 An art teacher’s transformation of a messy paper closet.

#30 Tackling depression with a deep clean: A satisfying victory.

Written by Dasun Maduranga

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