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I went to some abandoned locations in Italy and took photographs of some breathtaking paintings and frescoes (25 Pics)

Taking pictures of abandoned buildings in Italy is usually a rewarding experience. This nation holds an extraordinary place in my heart, and it is also the nation that I enjoy travelling to the most. Regular trips to Italy have allowed me to film the breathtaking architecture of the country’s dilapidated homes, stretching north to south. During my visits to photograph architecture, I also made a collection of photographs of beautiful paintings and sketches located in or on the abandoned buildings. Some of these breathtaking paintings extend up to the ceiling, covering the entire space.

These photographs feature several wall paintings, some of which have been labelled as frescoes. Fresco is a painting method performed on lime plaster that has just been placed down or is still wet. The dry-powder colour is “transported” into the dressing with the help of water. As the wall is being plastered, the pigment ultimately becomes an inseparable component of the wall. The wall paintings that came out of it are breathtaking.

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The excellent degree of artistry is immediately apparent when I look at some of the wall murals I came across. Even in the ruined state of the abandoned places, they have a great appearance and a high level of detail. When I return to Italy in the following years, I want to ensure that I keep taking photographs of the one-of-a-kind artworks I discover in abandoned houses.



For me, the numerous unanswered questions and the eerie atmosphere that permeate uninhabited places are significant draws. Things that have been lost to history can still have a certain kind of beauty, and having another look at anything can be a great way to discover more about the world we live in and how things have changed over time.



A singular window into the past can be gained by visiting any of the world’s derelict locations. They might be considered a source of contemplation because they cause us to contemplate the future. What does it say about things we believe certain in this day and age if, for instance, a church, house, or hospital that was once an essential haven in a community or family can become a heap of ruins? These are the remnants of the past, and if we follow them, we will be able to determine where we all came from and where we may be headed.





















Written by Liam Stevens

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