Father-Son Throwback: Photographer Recreates Dad’s Modeling Photos from the 80s

Photographer Kasey Kerbox has embarked on a touching journey of reliving the past through his father, Buzzy Kerbox, a former professional surfer-turned-model who gained fame in the late 1970s and 1980s. In a heartwarming project, Kasey recreates photos of his dad from nearly four decades ago, capturing the essence of those cherished memories.

Buzzy Kerbox made a significant impact as a model, featuring in major advertising campaigns and even had the privilege of working alongside the legendary Cindy Crawford. Now, with the “then-and-now” style photos, Buzzy dons similar attire and poses with a surfboard, just like he did many years ago, while showcasing the passage of time.

Kasey Kerbox, in a behind-the-scenes video shared last year, utilized the original photos as a blueprint for the new images. Holding up the vintage portraits on his phone, he guided his father and Crawford on how to recreate the poses with remarkable accuracy. The result is a series of faithful recreations that capture the spirit of the original modeling photos, paying tribute to the past while celebrating the present lives of the subjects.

After leaving the professional surfing world in the early 1980s, Buzzy Kerbox delved into the modeling industry for the following decade. In the 1990s, he embarked on a new chapter, establishing the Buzzy Kerbox Surf School in Maui, which he successfully operated for about two decades. During this time, he lovingly raised three children, including Kasey, who, in his own right, has embraced photography with a wide array of projects showcased on his Instagram.

Through this heartwarming project, Kasey Kerbox not only immortalizes his father’s legacy but also exemplifies the power of cherishing the past while celebrating the present and the incredible journeys both Buzzy and Cindy Crawford have undertaken throughout their lives. The photos stand as a beautiful testament to the enduring bond between father and son, capturing the spirit of a lifetime of experiences in a series of timeless images.






Kasey Kerbox: Instagram
Buzzy Kerbox: Website | Instagram

Written by Dasun Maduranga

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