Third Wheel Extravaganza: The Instagrammer Who Speaks for the Lonely

Do you ever feel like the odd one out when you’re hanging out with your coupled-up friends? Do you cringe at the sight of another engagement photo on your social media feed? Look no further than Third Wheel Extravaganza, the anonymous Instagrammer who perfectly captures the hilariously awkward reality of being the third wheel.

With over 700,000 followers, Third Wheel Extravaganza has become a viral sensation, sharing photos of herself at engagement parties, weddings, and baby announcements, always with a signature deadpan expression that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being left out. Her Instagram bio reads, “Love, oh love. It is what keeps the world turning. Except if you’re me. Then you just stand in the shadows of cute couples, but hey.”

Despite not revealing her identity, Third Wheel Extravaganza has become a symbol of solidarity for all the third wheels out there. Her followers love her relatable content and her ability to make them laugh in what can be a difficult and lonely situation. It’s no wonder her page has gained international attention.

So the next time you’re feeling left out or just need a good laugh, head on over to Third Wheel Extravaganza’s page. You’ll feel seen, heard, and maybe even a little less alone in the world of happy couples.

#1. Don’t Settle for the Third Wheel: Shoot for the Stars and Dream Big!

#2. The Second Wheel: Study Edition – Time to Hit the Books!

#3. Here’s a Pro Tip: Your Significant Other Doesn’t Always Need to Be There – Just Give Them a Call!

#4. Part Two of the Third Wheel: Wedding Edition – Congrats Emma and Tyler!

#5. Learn to Appreciate Being the Third Wheel.

#6. The Third Wheel Takes on Engagement: An Edition for All the Singles Out There.

#7. Third Wheeling in the Comfort of Your Own Home.

#8. The Third Wheel: Navigating Life with a Pregnant Couple.

#9. The Eternal Third Wheel: Surviving in the Company of Couples.

#10. Trapped on a Plane with the Middle and Aisle Seats: The Ultimate Third Wheel Edition.

#11. Forever the Third Wheel, Part 2: Navigating Life as a Perpetual Third.

#12. Wedding Edition, Part 1: Congratulations to Henry and Hero, and Their Faithful Third Wheel.

#13. Third Wheel in E Minor: Surviving the Awkwardness of Being the Odd One Out.

#14. The Third Wheel Continued: Tales of a Life Lived on the Margins.

#15. Third Wheel Forever: Embracing Your Unique Role in the Lives of Others.

Written by Hailey Martin

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