These 20 People Will Make You Smile Even When You’re Feeling Down

Laughter is super powerful! Science shows it’s great for your body and mind. Some people are naturally funny, making others laugh easily. These awesome people can make you smile with just a joke or funny action. In our list of 20, these funny folks are experts at spreading laughter. You don’t even need to meet them – just looking at their funny antics can make you feel better.

Get ready to smile, chuckle, and laugh out loud as we show you a bunch of funny people doing funny things that will make it really hard to keep a serious face. Keep scrolling for some seriously funny fun!

#1 Drive-Thru Worker’s Hangout

Image Source: pinkandperjurous

#2 The Fun, Wacky, Random Ride

Image Source: Allidapevets

#3 Only in Florida, Seriously!

Image Source: karebear6

#4 What Impresses Ladies

Image Source: dizzyday

#5 A transparent driver

Image Source: notmyfaultooops

#6 Fiery Muscles, No Tub

Image Source: roaringrandallpho

#7 Oops-Art!

Image Source: Findgorrfy101

#8 Hat’s Off to Bro!

Image Source: LivingInColor8

#9 Funky Festival Hats

Image Source: Asthimaya

#10 Napping with friends

Image Source: Humans doing human things

#11 Mario To Cloud

Image Source: cmdtheekneel

#12 Men will be men

Image Source: Mopar Connection

#13 Talking Mirror Fun

Image Source: spurlockmedia

#14 No Helmet, No Worries

Image Source: lunardownpour

#15 Smiles in the Dentist’s Chair

Image Source: riverontheroad

#16 Yowch!

Image Source: Bashar Roy

#17 The Best Policy

Image Source: Maxi Baron

#18 For a long time, my dad and I have had this thing where he puts me in the cart at Costco. But now that I’m almost 30, we’re realizing it’s getting a bit sad.

Image Source: sarahsolfails

#19 Nice click

Image Source: lasagnabby

#20 Unconventional Creations from China

Image Source: Prostoilogin

Written by Dasun Maduranga

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