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Twisted Optical Illusions: The Surreal Photography of Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is a photographer and retoucher known for his stunning and twisted optical illusions. His composite photos are some of the most convincing and disturbing illusions we’ve ever seen.

Johansson’s work is impressive not only because of the technical skill required to create these images, but also because of the artistic vision behind them. Even his commissioned work, such as the series created for the Transportation Accident Commission in Australia to illustrate the effects of drug use on driving, has a powerful and artistic quality.

In an interview, Johansson said that a photo can be made up of many different images, but he wants them all to look the same. This approach allows him to create his signature twisted and surreal images, which often leave viewers feeling disoriented and disturbed.

Whether you’re a fan of optical illusions or just appreciate impressive photography, Johansson’s work is sure to impress. Be sure to check out his website and Instagram page to see more of his cleverly twisted images.

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Written by Liam Stevens

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