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Time Flies: A Journey Through Before and After Photos

Time flies and memories fade, but with the power of photography, we can preserve our personal stories forever. From first smiles to first steps to first dates, every special moment can be documented and held close to our hearts. And what better way to reflect on our journey through life than with a collection of before and after photos?

Seeing the differences in time and how we’ve grown can be both heartwarming and amusing. The beauty of putting before and after photos side by side is that it becomes a visual representation of the evolution of time. It’s fascinating to see how our appearance, surroundings, and lives have changed over the years, and how much we’ve grown from who we once were.

That’s why we’ve curated a collection of before and after photos that we think you’ll find just as exciting as we do. From hairstyles to home renovations, these comparisons showcase the beauty of change and the power of preservation. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or simply looking for inspiration, these photos are sure to make you smile.

So go ahead and take a journey through time with us. See the evolution of time in pictures, and be inspired by the memories that have been captured and preserved forever. And if you find these before and after photos as fascinating as we do, don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends and family.

Who knows, you might even inspire them to create their own before and after photo collection and document their own journey through life.

#1 A father and his beloved daughters ten years ago and today.

© likeallstuff / Reddit

#2. This toucan’s beak was repaired using 3D printing.

© DraftDraw / Reddit

#3. Croatia’s Zlatni Rat beach following a storm.

© Roni Marinković /

#4. “My child and I when he was a puppy, then a photo from a few years ago at the bottom. He’s still going strong at the age of 15!”

© brl621 / Reddit

#5. Pedaling through Kreuzberg in 1985 and presently (2018)

© refilmio / Reddit

#6. “Our first trip (2013) turned into the location of his marriage proposal to me in 2018.”

© wackypose / Reddit

#7. 17 years of dating.

© isaiah44nez / Reddit

#8. It remains her favorite location after all these years.

© Nozawa_Haruhis / Reddit

#9. What a change only three years can make!

© fierysquirts98 / Reddit

#10. “Side by side images of my high school (left) and college (right) graduations. Upon graduating from college, I look so much happier. It was still the best time of my life, in my opinion.”

© TheShortestAvenger / Reddit

#11. The distance between the two photographs is only 15 months, but it seems like a lifetime.

© Diana0003 / Reddit

#12. “My phone from 2018 contrasted. my mom’s phone from 1998”

© jakecc_ 1 / Reddit

#13. In 1997, we first connected in the second grade. Now, 21 years have passed.

© AudsOrEvens / Reddit

#14. “Sobriety has given me a lot, but this one is the most obvious to me. After 220 days, the situation is improving.

© Ateepeemadeofpeepee / Reddit

#15. “On the anniversary of his adoption, we perform ‘The Circle of Life’ every year”

© jeffreybbbbbbbb / Reddit

#16. “18 years of love for the best child!”

© Fishmike52 / Reddit

#17. Apple’s initial office and its current location.

© Mathieu Thouvenin / Flickr © Carles Rabada / Unsplash

#18. A huge tortoise named Jonathan was born in 1832. The image on the left was captured in 1902, while the image on the right was captured in 2017. Tortoise is currently 186 years old.

© Unknown / Wikipedia © sainthelenaisland

#19. Together for 22 years and counting…

© tgalen / Reddit

Written by Ava Levine

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