The Most Hilarious Bad Day Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Misfortune

Are you having a bad day? You’re not alone! Whether it’s your cat leaving a surprise in your favorite shoes, missing the bus to work, or tearing your brand new shirt, sometimes it takes just one small mishap to ruin an entire day. But don’t worry, even the worst days come to an end and we can often look back on them with a good laugh.

Want to feel better about your own bad day? Check out these hilarious pictures and stories of people having the worst days ever. From unfortunate fashion choices to unexpected encounters with furry creatures, these unlucky individuals will make you feel better about your own misfortunes. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ultimate collection of bad day fails!

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#1 Hella Bots

Image source: jnudey

#2 The worst photo ever taken of me is this one

Image source: TurnipTimeMyGuys

#3 If the sun is out and you don’t consider it

#4 An Sincere Error

Image source: m4rticus

#5 On the corn train, someone neglected to tighten the hopper.

Image source: tibiapartner

#6 Was anticipating having some delicious bread from a nearby bakery.

Image source: TheWrigglerr

#7 My friend works as a stock photographer and extra in movies. Just noticed him depicted as a criminal on a bus in Florida

Image source: devandangers

#8 My friend shared this image of the job site today.

Image source: rabaful

#9 I’m 49. Just discovered this in my mother’s library.

Image source: Halvere1600

#10 My car experienced this today.

Image source: telumindel

#11 My leather gloves were inadvertently placed in the washing machine.

Image source: gene100001

#12 I misplaced one of the 2000 pieces in this puzzle.

Image source: Voytaouta

#13 Right now, I feel like Kevin from The Office.

Image source: GoAwayK

#14 When it didn’t sound like it hit the floor, I was confused.

Image source: Jukkster

#15 Two slices of American cheese were delivered to my door for $6.

Image source: Wubnaught

#16 By mistake, a priest live-streamed Mass while wearing sunglasses and a hat filter.

#17 A truck transporting old, rotten potato slurry to a feeding lot for cows struck my dad’s old truck. He had a downed passenger window.

Image source: Dixo0118

#18 Small body or enormous head?

Image source: Amemeinglesslife

#19 When bakers make the wrong mix and are unaware that the yeast doesn’t simply stop working because it’s in the trash

Image source: TELME3

#20 My wife was covered in explosive diarrhea from our puppy.

Image source: scobow28

#21 While the Roomba was running, I left my headphones on the ground.

Image source: Shiby92

#22 Almost Everything On The Allergy Skin Test Makes Me Allergic. Some of it was so swollen that the doctor had trouble distinguishing which was which.

Image source: saturatedhydrocarbon

#23 We now know which child is the favorite.

Image source: mankind3400

#24 Guess Who Has A Serious Hair Dye Allergy? This Female

Image source: a-liketheway

#25 Next time, choose a day with less wind so that the old bedframe that was dumped by TJ’s in Hyde Park won’t end up stuck to the side of my house.

Image source: Vally.teacake

#26 The printer blew up

Image source: joshdyson

#27 Two hours of hiking to set up a picnic, then came back to this

Image source: Jaminator97

#28 Reporter in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Receives a New License Plate

Image source: lynseymukomel

#29 I eventually returned to my apartment after a few weeks.

Image source: JuanfranB_

#30 To dispose of on the way to work, I brought a bag of used cat litter. I also had my lunch with me. Identify Who Joined Me at Work

Image source: Eric264

#31 Night Duty

Image source: upvotemypics

#32 Grandma’s Baking Capabilities Have Declined

Image source: maksetamo_

#33 As Easy As That

Image source: realemilyattack

#34 After picking up his new puppy, my brother was on the way home.

Image source: Kndrp2

#35 New bakery item

Image source: Fibutton

#36 I went downstairs to see why the heat wasn’t working as I was eating Valentine’s Day dinner. Found 4 feet of water in the basement, completely covered.

Image source: Scrappy_Mongoose

#37 Oops..!

Image source: oeufelia

#38 And My $300 Headphones Are Gone!

Image source: toddsiegrist

#39 The egg trolleys weren’t properly fastened to the truck by someone. 10,500 Broken Eggs

Image source: yourmate24

#40 Three days after losing my wallet, I finally ordered new cards.

Image source: dragonboy2734

#41 I seeded my lawn last week. I simply wanted to share the advancements made thus far.

Image source: QuadrigaCX_

#42 Sweety

Image source: NotABsian0073

#43 I Have A File That I Lost In This Room.

Image source: almeldin

#44 My cat just returned from a nighttime stroll while holding someone else’s keys in her mouth.

Image source: robrobxD

#45 Just a little ice, nothing to worry about

Image source: mikemike26

#46 Graduation time

Image source: frankiewhispers

#47 After that, I wouldn’t be returning home.

Image source: joshy_squash

#48 On the way home from picking up his new puppy, my brother

Image source:

#49 The day was wonderful up until this point.

Image source: pp0787

#50 I spent a half-hour yelling at myself in frustration while trying to find my drill.

Image source: Brave1i1toaster

Written by Liam Stevens

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