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The Funniest Parents on the Internet: When Moms and Dads Make Their Kids Laugh

Parenthood is a serious job, but it doesn’t mean that parents can’t have fun with their kids. In fact, a sense of humor can be a valuable tool for dealing with the challenges of raising children. These parents have taken humor to the next level, making their kids and the internet laugh with their witty jokes and hilarious antics. From silly pranks to clever puns, these funny parents show that laughter truly is the best medicine.

Check out these pictures of the funniest parents on the internet. You might even get some inspiration for your own parenting style!

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#1 Mom’s had enough of my younger brother.

Source: M_M_F_I_C

#2 My father is adamant about keeping this battery pack. He rejects the notion that they might detonate.

Source: OriginWizard

#3 Mama, you’re making me feel bad

Source: notyouravrgd

#4 Mom, everybody

Source: Aeydeetea

#5 Little toy


#6 I saw my dad completing a sudoku puzzle like this.

Source: HighPriestCthulu

#7 When having dinner with my mother, I received this onion ring tower.

Source: SuperCub

#8 My father installed this new mirror unevenly after taking out a perfectly good mirror.

Source: Rndmdudu

#9 How my father employs his iPad

Source: shamspotato

#10 My mother chose to utilize this charging cord despite the fact that we had many others.

Source: spookidooki9

#11 1988: My mother gave my dad her pants after he was refused admittance to a bar in Mexico because he was wearing shorts.

Source: Casparslide26

#12 Mom received a new mask from Dad.

Source: jeanlagrande

#13 My mother is using her new phone to prop up her old phone.

Source: reddit

#14 How my father slices avocados

Source: IamAdogHi

#15 My mother knit a cigar for my dog.

Source: Panixcx

#16 How my dad organizes the refrigerator. A piece of steak, please

Source: itchy_buthole

#17 I attended my kids’ Zoom lessons as retaliation for all the times my work calls were cut off.

Source: esmithiii

#18 My father hung a picture.

Source: DoctorYT152

#19 I advised my father to properly dispose of his shattered phone  Years later, I just discovered it stashed away in a wooden drawer. I last saw it with everything still glued together.

Source: cla7997

#20 My father’s phone has a screen protector.

Source: Dunked0n

#21 My father’s phone After leaving it to barge overnight, I discovered this.

Source: RedHot_Dragon

#22 Mom only desired the chocolate component,

Source: xSummerxNightsx

#23 When my mother attempted to sew booties for our dog but turned out to appear like a hooker

Source: Bobby824

#24 I doubt that my mother is aware of how her rice cooker operates.

Source: Uedn

#25 My mother carried a similar photo of my father in her wallet.

Source: cuck_shed_lord_69

#26 Why are you looking?

Image Source: Reddit

#27 Mom said today’s rooster was following her. I had to check the surveillance video to make sure.

Source: gypsypanthr

Written by Liam Stevens

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