The Dark Side of Air Travel: Horror Stories of Damaged Luggage

Traveling abroad can be an exciting and enriching experience, but it’s not without its challenges. One of the most common issues that travelers face is damaged luggage. Whether it’s a broken zipper, a missing wheel, or a huge footprint, damaged luggage can ruin a trip and cause a lot of stress.

Unfortunately, many airlines are not always willing to take responsibility for damaged luggage. They might offer compensation, but it’s often not enough to cover the cost of replacing the damaged items. In some cases, they might not even offer any compensation at all.

To show the dark side of air travel, we’ve collected 18 horror stories of damaged luggage from unlucky customers. From a suitcase filled with holes to a shirt with a huge footprint, these stories will shock and dismay you. Scroll down to see for yourself the consequences of choosing airlines that don’t take responsibility for their client’s issues.

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#1 The results of a standard luggage inspection

Source: Klunkster14

#2 That’s my luggage, not on the plane

Source: frogwithawatergun

#3 Flying and your luggage is missing? Perhaps it’s in this airport trash can.

Source: ecargeolhc

#4 What my bag looks like

Source: GimpyBallGag

#5 The 17th-century Viola da gamba did not make it through the flight.

Source: family ghost

#6 Stowing away video games in another person’s luggage

Source: michael14375

#7 I feel bad for the suitcase owner

Source: emmy_emma

#8 My items and my checked luggage were totally damaged! broken appliances, broken colognes, torn cables, and misplaced clothing

Source: YazanShawish

#9 A baggage cart at the airport knocks down a laptop

Source: Soul_Redeemer7

#10 My experience receiving compensation from an airline for damaged luggage

Source: IVMIVM

#11 The luggage from my uncle’s flight

Source: an0nym0ose

#12 I had to pay to have my luggage handled in such a manner…

Source: rammerjammer205

#13 Returned to me in this condition after a two-hour flight with my brand-new suitcase.

Source: Admirable_Ad_7332

#14 I regret paying to check this bag. Though it’s quite mysterious how they were able to damage both zippers.

Source: lindster

#15 A luggage belonging to my husband mysteriously disappeared between Manchester and Colombo.

Source: karen_nowland

#16 In a few hours, someone on a flight out of DFW is likely to experience difficulties.

Source: mrplinko

#17 WTF…!

Source: Pala

#18 After a trip, my instrument

Source: Yakabus

Written by Liam Stevens

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