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The Crazy and Wonderful World of Japan: 24 Seriously Weird Things You Need to See

Japan is a country that has always fascinated people from all over the world. It is known for its unique culture, technological advancements, and beautiful landscapes. But, Japan is also known for some seriously weird things that you can only find in this country. From robot restaurants to vending machines that sell everything from umbrellas to underwear, Japan has no shortage of quirky and unusual offerings.

In this blog post, we have listed 24 seriously weird things that only exist in Japan. Whether you are planning to visit Japan or just curious about the country’s unusual offerings, you will definitely be entertained by these bizarre and fascinating things. So, let’s dive in and take a look!

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#1 You can find 2-step-wide houses all over Tokyo

Source: Unknown

#2 slide for a fire escape.

Source: manlyflower

#3 Experience a typical Japanese business meeting that only exists in Japan.

Source: TheGreatMattsby

#4 It’s pretty common to see people in Japan wearing this type of footwear.

Source: Unknown

#5 Check out this clever smartphone wiper dispenser in Japan.

Source: Luwast

#6 The elevators in an Osaka office building have a lit-up umbrella sign to indicate if it’s raining outside.

Source: schmistopher

#7 Can you figure out the purpose of this item?

Source: Quora

#8 These instructions for fitting rooms in Japan advise covering your face to prevent makeup from getting on the garments.

Source: Sad_Weeaboo_In_Japan

#9 Foxes in Japan wait in line to drink water.

Source: LittlePrayer

#10 Square watermelons are sold in Japan to fit better in refrigerators.

Source: RazerJoe

#11 Construction worker jackets in Japan have air-conditioners built-in.

Source: schmistopher

#12 Mint-coated toothpicks are available at some malls in Japan.

Source: Reddit

#13 In Japan, you can draw more hair if you want to.

Source: Unknown

#14 Some taxis in Japan have a special button that requests the driver to slow down.

Source: petro26

#15 Japan’s tallest bridge is compared to Godzilla in size.

Source: notneededjunk

#16 Certain bakeries in Japan have check-out counters that can automatically recognize items and calculate the total cost.

Source: Pikabu

#17 Capybara spas exist in Japan.

Source: Jhenning04

#18 In Japan, parking lots and Ferris wheels can be found on the roofs of buildings.

Source: uzniko

#19 Public toilets in Japan have transparent walls that turn matte when occupied.

Source: Youtube

#20 The seat pattern on trains in Japan indicates where priority seating is located.

Source: zombiepiemaster

#21 A waste plant in Japan has a diner where people can observe trash being processed.

Source: dimailer

#22 This is how people in Japan manage to have enough time for everything!

Source: Unknown

#23 While this particular image has been photoshopped, the concept is based on reality and quite amusing.

Source: miraheze

#24 Lap pillows are available in Japan for individuals seeking comfort and companionship.

Source: lolwot

Written by Liam Stevens

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