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Mind-Bending Optical Illusions: 30 Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

Are you ready to have your mind blown? These 30 optical illusions are guaranteed to make you look twice. As a definition, “an optical illusion is an illusion caused by the visual system and characterized by a visual percept that arguably appears to differ from reality.” In other words, it’s a trick of the eye that can make an image seem confusing, tricky, or just plain mind-bending.

From photos that seem to defy gravity to images that play with perspective in unexpected ways, this collection has it all. Scroll down to see the full selection of optical illusions and be sure to visit the sources linked to each photo to explore more works from these talented photographers. Who knows what other mind-bending illusions you might discover?

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#1 Sweet little pup

Image source: spidysk

#2 Simply my father and his dog

Image source: themdubbyfries

#3 Nice time

Image source: mezar7513

#4 While wine tasting, I discovered the Eye of Sauron

Image source:

#5 A new Grinch

Image source: marmusha

#6 Sesame Street’s Bert Seen On The Street

Image source: tFighterPilot

#7 Greetings from the Mighty Cat, Master of the Heavens and the Earth

Image source: Puzzleheaded_Dog_180

#8 Coffee With Hula Hoops

Image Source: Imgur

#9 Nice shoot

Image Source: Imgur

#10 This morning, it appears that my dogs have combined.

Image source: NegativePitch

#11 A friend who is already tall (7 feet or more) accidentally captures an optical illusion.

Image source: pixelpoetry

#12 Flying time

Image source: Flamind666

#13 The Catmobile on the Fly

Image source: lofoforos

#14 I laughed so much at myself that I thought I couldn’t keep this a secret.

Image source: lisapmg

#15 I tried to take a picture of my sink draining out of boredom, but the picture I ended up with was of an eye-shaped whirlpool.

Image source: Liammm

#16 I was photographing my horse when suddenly

Image source: Theonlykyla

#17 It’s crucial to have your own perspective on the world.

Image source: slosokec

#18 Always observe Arm Day

Image source: SteamedHaam

#19 These Espresso Martinis Have Bar Stool-like Shapes

Image source: madcaplarks

#20 When Your Sandwich Is Missing

Image source: Flimsy_Researcher

#21 Truck Appears To Have A Possum Logo

Image source: Ih8hate

#22 The Sunglasses’ Reflection of the Lamp

Image source: youngack

#23 Instead of a picture of two plump pigeons perched on a ledge, the photographer captured two enormous pigeons searching for their vehicle.

Image source: TastyTalk

#24 Posing with a bag of popcorn is a little girl

Image source: shellybean23

#25 Wow, what the heck!

Image source: najam9849

#26 Eating time

Image source: T_H_I_C_C_boi64

#27 Blanket With Dog And Bear

Image source: BMichael919

#28 I believed eight pigeons were menacingly glaring at them.

Image source: NOCHNOY_

#29 Refalection Makes A Capybara Look Like It Is Wearing Clothes

Image source: crinnoire

#30 It’s a dog. Nothing else

Image Credit

#31 What do you think about the legs?

Image Credit

#32 All are together

Image Credit

#33 Where’s the body

Image Credit

#34 Shoe without leg

Image Credit

Written by Liam Stevens

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