Meet these African Rain Frogs with the cutest little squeaks that look like angry avocados. They live in the rain forests of Africa.

The Black Rain Frog’s expression of dissatisfaction or melancholy is merely an optical illusion; the frog is neither dissatisfied nor melancholy in reality.

These species can only be found on the southern slopes of the Cape Fold Belt in South Africa, at elevations of more than 1,050 meters (almost 3,300 feet) (1,000m). The Black Rain Frog can call fynbos and the borders of woodlands home since it is a species that burrows. Even open water is not necessary for this to happen!

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When the Black Rain Frog senses that it is being disturbed or threatened, it will blow up and enlarge its body, changing its behaviour to one that is more aggressive.

However, this does not imply that the Black Rain Frog dislikes the company of others—quite the opposite. During the time of year when mating takes place, the female will produce what is known as adhesive amplexus, a substance that sticks to its back and prevents the male from sliding off. It clings to its lover tenaciously and will not let go under any circumstances.

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Just listen to this little buddy

By the way, that is a desert rain frog. Its native habitat is a little stretch of land along the coast of Africa, between Namibia and South Africa. It is hidden in sand dunes for the majority of the day.

It can more readily navigate the coastal ground thanks to flanges located on its back feet. These flanges function as miniature diggers.

They live in a relatively tiny area of the planet that is prone to be covered in sea fog, which helps to keep the sand damp in an otherwise arid location. They do this with the help of a patch on their bellies that is not only see-through but also contains a dense network of blood arteries and capillaries that allow them to extract water directly from the sand.

Despite having a quite cute appearance, the desert rain frog is famed for its powerful roar. As wildlife photographer Dean Boshoff bravely discovered when photographing at the dunes along Port Nolloth in the Northern Cape region, this frog species goes all out while defending its habitat. Although every species of frog has a distinctive call, this one is particularly aggressive in defending its area.

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Written by Liam Stevens

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