Kylo the Cat Finds His Forever Home and Can’t Stop Cuddling

It’s a heartwarming moment when a shelter pet finds their forever home, and Kylo the cat is no exception. As soon as his human mother enters their home, he is overtaken with gratitude and all he wants to do is cuddle and hug her. According to his owner, Meghan Sweers, “As soon as I sit down to take off my shoes, he jumps into my lap to be cuddled. If I don’t sit down for our cuddling time, he’ll follow me with the saddest, most sorrowful look on his face.”

Kylo was given to the shelter when he was only ten months old and spent a lengthy period in a foster home before finding his forever home with Sweers and her husband. From the moment they brought him home, Kylo knew he was meant to stay with them. Sweers recalls, “He had a fantastic first night with us. He crawled into my lap at night, nestled his head behind my chin, and began breathing loudly like a chainsaw. We both knew he was staying with us from that moment!”

Now that Kylo has found his loving forever home, he can’t help but share his love with everyone he meets. Whether it’s crawling into someone’s lap for a nap or winning them over with his playful personality, Kylo’s joy and gratitude are contagious. It’s clear that this sweet feline has brought joy and warmth to his new family, and they are lucky to have him.

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Written by Liam Stevens

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