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I Attempted to Take Photographs of My Daughter and My Dog, but This Is What I Got Instead

Mustang, our beloved family pet, entered our lives not long before I decided to photograph our family with him and my daughter, Aayat. This ambitious photoshoot came dangerously close to being the cause of a divorce.

It was almost as bad as asking my husband to help me practice driving when I asked him to aid me with taking pictures of my family for our photo album. He couldn’t help but interrupt the taking of that stunning photograph to give my daughter direction. He believed he was helping me for some reason, but that was not the case.

Every every time, I came dangerously close to missing my opportunity… but in the end, I was able to mine some gold from my photographic concepts. Despite this, I will never again give my husband the responsibilities of an assistant.

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Written by Liam Stevens

To commemorate their seventieth wedding anniversary, Grandma was photographed by her granddaughter while wearing her wedding dress and standing next to Grandpa.

A restaurant later hired a young boy who was warned for doodling in class to illustrate the establishment’s interior.