How Instagram Influencer Bree Lenehan is Combatting Body Shaming

The world has changed a lot in recent years, and one of the biggest reasons for this change is the influence of social media. People have changed their lives in many ways because of social media, and it has given rise to a number of new standards and trends. Some of these have proved to be useful, while others have caused nothing but trouble.

One of the worst things that has emerged as a result of social media is body shaming. People are under constant pressure to look perfect, and regular bodies are seen as something to be ashamed of. This has caused a lot of people to feel bad about themselves, and has led to a rise in negative stress, insecurities, and other issues.

Thankfully, the trend of body positivity has emerged to combat this. Body positivity is all about loving yourself for who you are and how you look. However, there is still a lot of body shaming and toxic mindset lingering on the internet. That’s why it’s so important for people to take a stand and show that no one has to be perfect by chasing an unrealistic body.

One person who has done an incredible job of doing this is Instagram influencer Bree Lenehan. She is known for looking fit and healthy, and she has used her influence on social media to get her message out there.

What she did was truly inspirational. She posted a comparison photo of one of her usual posts, and a photo of her real body a few seconds apart. These photos showed that even popular people like Bree have unique bodies of their own, and that it’s all about posing and angles.

She continued to post a picture every Monday, creating her own trend called “Real Me Monday”. These posts have been incredibly inspiring, and have encouraged a lot of people to love their bodies in a positive way.

We wanted to support Bree’s cause by sharing some of her photos. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think. And be sure to visit Bree on social media using the links below. Let’s all embrace body positivity and love ourselves for who we are.

More info & Photo courtesy: Bree Lenehan | TikTok | Youtube

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Written by Liam Stevens

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