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Horrible Tattoos: The Weirdest Requests You Never Want to Make

Tattoos are a form of self-expression and for many, a way to showcase their individuality. But, not all unique tattoos receive positive responses from others. In fact, some tattoos are so poorly executed or just plain strange, they end up being shamed online.

This is where the Awful Taste But Great Execution community on Reddit comes in. With over 1.8 million members, this subreddit is dedicated to sharing terrible tattoos that are so bad, they’re good. From misspelled words to poorly drawn images, this community has seen it all.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of some of the worst tattoos out there. These tattoos are so strange, you’ll never want to make the same requests. So, before you decide to get a tattoo, think twice and make sure it’s something you won’t regret. Scroll down to see these horrible tattoos for yourself.

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#1 Educate a man to fish… then ink his leg.

Source: FreshlyCutGrass976

#2 The Peppa Pig ink

Source: ponybeine

#3 This woman desired to have a tattoo of her husband’s bite mark.

Source: thegreatinsulto

#4 A fellow Redditor’s tattoo of his two favorite drummers, Ringo & animal

Source: Skinsarelli

#5 What is this?


#6 Tattoo of sunflower seeds

Source: copaOW

#7 In all honesty, this is the best tattoo.

Source: sushidestroyer

#8 I’ve been saving this ugly-but-beautiful blobfish tattoo until today.

Source: Easy-Hovercraft-6576

#9 Nick Cage leg tattoo

Source: TheLostPariah

#10 This horns ink

Source: JohnnyCrossM

#11 I went on a date today, he proudly showed me this tattoo

Source: btacceber

#12 Minions

Source: HeedWeed

#13 This tattoo of snake skin on a man’s leg

Source: biblio-lavendula

#14 Yin Yang body art

Source: Secretstache1

#15 Pretty sure this goes here


#16 I’m very sure these tattoos of bruises go here…

Source: MikkiD4311

#17 When I first saw this tattoo, I immediately thought of this sub.

Source: samansadayo

#18 Real couple tattoo

Source: hhl1118

#19 A toad-knee ink

Source: xoJigglypuff

#20 Assisting in tattooing

Source: RossNub

#21 Before taking an arrow to the knee, my pal was planning to be inked.


#22 This crossover tattoo

Source: justcallmefafara

#23 @jasminedilworth and @matt.does.tattoos’ Sailor Devito

Source: sh*tlord_traplord

#24 Client: “I want a tattoo that, when I look at it, makes me feel inebriated.”

Source: thebayallday

#25 This tattooed arm is

Source: stormytattoos

#26 Amazing meme

Source: criggs0807

#27 This extreme Star Wars ink

Source: AttackoftheMuffins

#28 Wow it’s look great..!

Source: JohnnyRedHot

#29 I’m not ever seen like this 3D tattoo

Source: saraciousd

#30 An incorrectly posed tattoo of a skeleton on the arm

Source: Kaneki_Yeager

Written by Liam Stevens

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