Beard Flip: The Hilarious Effect of Straight-On Selfies on Men’s Beards

Modern society demands that men present a professional appearance, and a well-groomed beard is an important part of that. Beards have been in and out of fashion throughout history, but there’s no denying that they make men look more attractive and can even enhance their masculinity.

But not all beards are created equal. In fact, some beards can look quite different depending on the angle at which they’re viewed. This is especially true when bearded men take selfies with their heads straight up, as the angle can make their beards look hilariously misleading.

One popular Instagram account, @beardflip, has gained a following by showcasing the comical effect of straight-on selfies on beards. The account features photos of men with their heads tilted up, causing their beards to flip up and obscure their faces.

Whether you’re a fan of beards or not, these photos are sure to make you laugh. Check out @beardflip on Instagram for more hilarious beard selfies.

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Written by Liam Stevens

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