Get ready to crack up: 25 seriously funny photos that are guaranteed to make you giggle!

 If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the 25 funniest pictures from the internet that will bring a huge smile to your face.

From a watermelon that looks like it’s grinning from ear to ear, to everyday situations that you’ll totally relate to, these photos are like a dose of happiness. So grab a seat, kick back, and be prepared to laugh until your sides hurt at these super silly and sometimes really strange images. They’re proof that laughing is one of the best things you can do to feel better. Whether you need a little mood boost or just want a good laugh, these funny photos are exactly what the doctor ordered!”

#1 What have you done, hooman?

#2 Potty training trophy

#3 This insurance company is truly a gem. They have their customers’ backs no matter what.

#4 My wife threw me a vasectomy party with a hilarious cake.

Image: GiftedGonzo

#5 We couldn’t wait to taste the first lime from our lime tree

#6 A big, stinky surprise awaits the next package thief.

#7 Ohh Bob


#8 I accidentally spilled some of my cannabis oil on the floor, and my dog licked it up

#9 I requested that my hamburger be made with extra egg.

#10 I tried to plug into an outlet at the Chicago airport, but it didn’t work.

#11 Panda Express is not being kind to me.

#12 CrossFit Jesus

#13 Caution


#14 jealous cat 

#15 I’m about to go off the rails like a Looney Tune!

#16 When you’re too lazy to mow your lawn

#17 14 Pro ultra pro max


#18 This kid’s instant karma

#19 Just a turtle out for a walk

#20 Dining with Roger

#21 Are you feeling lucky today, punk?

#22 It is now your turn to speak.

#23 Restaurant asked if we were celebrating anything special


#24 It’s time to start my day!

#25 I saw something unexpected on my way to work at 3am.

Written by Dasun Maduranga

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