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Celebrity Mashups: Seeing Stars Then and Now

Celebrities are constantly in the public eye, and as a result, we get to see them change and evolve over the years. But because of this constant exposure, it can be easy to forget just how different some stars looked when they first entered the limelight.

Graphic designer Ard Gelinck has created a series of playful mashups using Photoshop that show celebrities’ “then and now” photos side by side. From television starlets like Jennifer Anniston to basketball legend Michael Jordan, Gelinck’s mashups capture the many ways in which these stars have changed (and stayed the same) over time.

Using seamless precision, Gelinck manages to merge two different time periods into one image, making it appear as though these photos were always meant to be united in this way. In some mashups, the celebrities are depicted giving each other a hug, while in others they are simply standing side by side like a formal portrait.

This ongoing project is a fascinating glimpse into the lives of some of our most beloved stars. It reveals the many ways in which celebrities have grown over the years, both physically and professionally. Looking at Paul Rudd, for example, it’s clear that he has hardly aged at all and is still as fresh-faced as ever. On the other hand, Betty White’s composite photo shows how the late comedian, who is often associated with her senior character from The Golden Girls, looked much younger in her early years in show business.

Overall, Gelinck’s celebrity mashups offer a unique and playful way to look back at the past selves of some of our favorite stars. They remind us that even though celebrities may change over time, they will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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Will Smith


Christina Applegate


Michael Jordan

#4 There are also those who appear to have found the fountain of youth.

Paul Rudd


Angelina Jolie

#6 As a result, these amusing pictures show how celebrities have changed or remained the same over time.

Kim Kardashian


Jason Momoa


John Cleese


Marilyn Monroe

#10 One thing is certain: it’s entertaining to view these side-by-side photos of famous people who have been around for a while, regardless of whether they’ve changed significantly or not at all.

Kate Winslet




Sophia Loren


Bill Murray


Kurt Cobain


John Lennon

#16 A celebrity is photographed with their younger self in each mashup.

Britney Spears


Sean Connery


Alanis Morissette


Robert Redford


Charlize Theron


Ricky Gervais


Jon Bon Jovi


Morgan Freeman

#24 …as well as the ones we’ve lost.

Betty White

#25 Because these celebrities have been in the public eye for such a long period, it might be simple to overlook how much their features have altered over time, either naturally or unnaturally.

Harrison Ford




Brian May



#29 Celebrities are depicted in “before and now” graphics by graphic designer Ard Gelinck.

Robert Downey Jr.









Written by Liam Stevens

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