Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Make You Realize That Everyone Has a Twin (20+ pics)

You know how sometimes you spot something that looks incredibly similar to something else, and once you notice it, you can’t stop seeing it? Well, something super funny happened on Reddit recently. A bunch of people there started sharing really funny comparisons between famous people and others who look just like them.

After looking at all these funny pictures, it kind of feels like some of the suggested lookalikes, like the ‘mom’ character from Tangled, might have been inspired by the famous person they resemble because they look so much alike! But don’t take my word for it; check out this super entertaining collection of pictures we found on different social media websites. You can decide for yourself if you think they look alike or not.


source: deadmallsanita


source: vacantly-visible


source: dgksbt


source: iamharoldshipman


source:  Kirstie66


source: TheEggsExplode


source: sslyth_erin


source: billmad2509


source: IsMisePrinceton


source: agnes238


source: Global_Gift_470


source: iamharoldshipman


source: Petty_White


source: naturemom


source: Oomlotte99


source: 227743


source:  Late_Development2146


source: Technical-Elk-7002


source: medsizedtoberlerone


source: BitHistorical


source: Infinitely_Chaotic


source: lexilexi1901


source: UnlikelyFig2822

Written by Dasun Maduranga

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