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Behind the Perfect Selfies: Pretty Girls Ugly Faces on Reddit

Social media has become a platform where people can showcase their best selves. Everyone wants to appear flawless on Instagram, but what we don’t see is the amount of effort put into getting the perfect angle and lighting. Well, a subreddit online is trying to expose the truth behind these perfect Instagram selfies.

The PrettyGirlsUglyFaces subreddit is exactly what it says it is. Beautiful girls share their “ugly” sides by taking amusing photos of themselves from unflattering angles. These gals are not ashamed to make fun of their flaws, from multiple chins to flabby tummies.

This subreddit has become a sensation, with over 300k members, and the content is hilarious. Women from all over the world are embracing their imperfections and having fun with it. Instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed, they choose to laugh and make fun of themselves.

In the gallery, you can see the transformation from a picture-perfect pose to an intentionally hilarious one. The girls contort their faces and bodies into different poses, making the most of their features. This is not about body shaming or promoting negative self-image, but rather embracing one’s quirks and unique features.

It’s refreshing to see women challenging societal beauty standards and taking control of their self-image. The subreddit has become a community where members uplift each other and celebrate their unique features. It’s a reminder that being different is beautiful and should be embraced.

In conclusion, the PrettyGirlsUglyFaces subreddit is a humorous reminder that social media does not always portray reality. These beautiful girls embrace their “ugly” sides and have fun with it. It’s a refreshing take on body positivity and self-acceptance. Instead of striving for perfection, let’s embrace our quirks and unique features. After all, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

#1 Poolside

Source: KevlarYarmulke

#2 Hello, Internet I’ve Given You the Gift of My Ability. Welcome, Everyone

Source: Koruteni

#3 Ask, and It Is Given To You

Source: emifasho

#4 Your Facebook Profile Compared to the Images You’re Tagging

Source: RedditsKittyKat

#5 When He Requests Post-Show Photos


#6 When are you due, please? I’m just really talented, not pregnant

Source: emifasho

#7 I’m keeping an eye on you

Source: Pengusta

#8 I’m not sure why I keep being so publicly exposed online, but it seems like people like it.

Source: karleebabe

#9 I’m no longer ashamed.

Source: lime_st

#10 Robbie Rotten in the Sheets and Clueless in the Streets

Source: a_castle_by_the_sea

#11 Poison Ivy Cosplay Before And After. Welcome, Everyone

Source: Oopsydaisy03

#12 Today I’m Feeling Beautiful

Source: rugmuncher

#13 My friend may just as well be the creator of Beautiful Ladies with Awful Faces.

Source: loungepantz

#14 One of my favorite expressions to use

Source: unanatkumot

#15 I thus play rugby.

Source: UnikornAids

#16 When you experience physical pain, you are acting correctly.

Source: lemonjuicelime

#17 Although I occasionally appear presentable, 90% of the time I look like a butthole with eyelashes.

Source: sophisopia

#18 When The Nerdy Lady Finally Removes Her Glasses In A Teen Movie From The Early 2000s

Source: lilbutthole

#19 Sincere emotion is what I always try to capture as a photographer.

Source: BunTilda

#20 Has It Improved?

Source: ehudz

Written by Ava Levine

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