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Because of his appearance, a dog has been waiting at a shelter for over 400 days

In January 2021, the RSPCA took him in after his family could no longer care for him, and the shelter employees fell in love with him right away. He has such a large, funny personality that he constantly makes everyone laugh. Unfortunately, finding Jay a new forever home has been extremely difficult in part due to his appearance.

Jay suffers from terrible allergies, which are common in his breed, and they’ve left him nearly bald. He may not be as fluffy as the other dogs searching for homes at the shelter, but he has just as much love to give, and the shelter staff is hoping that someone will fall in love with his beautifully distinct face.

Credit – RSPCA

In a news release, the RSPCA commented, “Jay is such a tiny character and while he may be small, he certainly makes up for it in personality.” “We’re hoping that someone out there can see past his lack of hair and recognize that he has a lot of love to share.”

The little 9-year-old puppy has been looking for a home for nearly 400 days. Despite the fact that no one has come forward to claim him, his shelter friends are optimistic that his new forever family is out there somewhere.

Credit – RSPCA

Jay has certain specific wishes for his future home due to his health difficulties and other things. He requires a family that can keep him on a particular diet and assist him with his medication. He’d love to live in an adult-only home with no other pets so that he may always be the center of attention. He’d also like a fenced-in yard if at all feasible, as well as a home with hard floors rather than carpeted floors, as dust mites aggravate his allergies.

Credit – RSPCA

“We appreciate that finding a home that meets all of Jay’s requirements would be difficult, and we understand that the cost of his continuous care may deter some families,” Cole added. “But we’re not giving up on Jay; he’s a fiery character, a cheeky chappie with a lot of charm and costly taste – but being this cute doesn’t come cheap! “It takes a lot of effort to look as good as he does, and he deserves the best.”

Credit – RSPCA

There is a beautiful home for sweet little Jay out there, and perhaps he will find it soon.

Cole stated, “He is an incredible sweetheart and will make such a lovely pet or friend for the right person.”

Written by Hannah Johnson

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