Bear’s New Couch Is His New Favorite Place in the World, He Won’t Leave It

Mandy Stantic and her family went for a drive around Lac Brochet in Northern Manitoba, hoping to see bears. But what they saw was surprising and funny. They saw a wild bear sitting on an old sofa.

The bear looked like it was sitting like a human. It had one leg over the other and even put an arm on the sofa’s armrest. Mandy thought it was like the bear was ready to watch TV with some popcorn.

Mandy and her family watched this from their car and couldn’t stop laughing. She said, “Around the dump, there are lots of woods where bears can find food. But in the spring, there aren’t many berries, so they come here.”

Mandy took some pictures of the bear on the sofa before driving away. It was a funny moment they would always remember. She joked that the bear was pretending to be a human. After the pictures went on social media, the black bear became famous online.





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Via:  The Dodo

Written by Dasun Maduranga

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