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Bathroom Design Disasters: When Designers Get it Terribly Wrong

Designing a bathroom may seem like a simple task, with the basic necessities being a sink, toilet, shower, or tub. However, creating a functional and visually appealing bathroom takes a lot of thought and planning. A bathroom is a small space, and even the smallest mistake can make a big impact.

Unfortunately, not all bathroom designs are created equal. From wrong placement of fixtures to poor choices of color patterns and bizarre design choices, some bathroom designs are nothing short of disasters.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of examples of bathroom designs from hell we found on the internet. From shoe-shaped toilets to poorly-placed sinks, these bathroom design disasters will make you question the designer’s judgement. Scroll down to see for yourself.

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#1 What you want to see in an ice cream shop’s restroom.

Source: Logical_like_Spock

#2 creative innovation

Photo Source: Credit

#3 Enter the bathroom you want to be in queue

Photo Source: Credit

#4 Mazing ancient type washroom

Photo Source: Credit

#5 Next generation innovation

Photo Source: Credit

#6 stall in a Washington, D.C., restroom

Source: barrunat

#7 Henri IV Hotel In the bathroom, mosaic artwork.

Source: chjacobsen

#8 Bathroom in the conference room


#9 Not precisely the color scheme you prefer to see in a bathroom.

Source: bergerNfries

#10 This guy’s lavatory

Source: Chester_117

#11 My hotel’s sink was a little… difficult

Source: MrGrieves123

#12 Draw the bridge down I must use the restroom.

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#13 Okay, but bear with me. after-party shower

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#14 Ever, the worst magic eye puzzle

Photo Source: miserable_men

#15 Space efficiency

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#16 Just in case you want to sing along to a tune while doing something small

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#17 Take me away, Calgon.

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#18 Better hope this is a sperm bank. Or else, what?

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#19 The situation for the elderly woman in a shoe has truly gotten worse.

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#20 I hope you have to flush this item down the lion’s willy.

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#21 Regular faucets are OK, I feel the need to declare to the world.

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#22 Humanity has no chance of survival. I now realize that.

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#23 The color of the paint in this stall

Source: Xuhale

Written by Liam Stevens

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