A woman given a transplanted organ that saved her life requests that the donor’s father walk her down the aisle during her wedding.

On the day that Diana Donnarumma got married, the 13th of August 2021, two men escorted her down the aisle. The first was her biological father, and the second was the biological father of the lady. He had given her a second chance at life.

Today, we will go deeper into the heartwarming account of how a transplant recipient showed gratitude to her donor on the occasion of one of the happiest and most important days of her life.

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Three days before her wedding day, in October 2017, a Texan lady named Heather Renee Donnelly, who was 26 at the time, was involved in a car accident. Donnelly was traveling to a friend’s party. Daniel Donnelly Jr., Heather’s father, was unable to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day because she passed away in the disaster.

Daniel was blissfully unaware that her daughter had given her permission to be an organ donor while she was still alive. This selfless deed would shortly add eight more years to people’s lives, including Diana Donnarumma. She is from Clarence, which is located in northeast Buffalo.

© Diana Donnarumma / Personal Archive

For the past eight years, Diana had been coping with a terrible gastrointestinal ailment that made it impossible for her to consume food without the assistance of a doctor.

She was fortunate enough to get a life-saving intestine transplant in 2017, and Heather was the one who made it possible.

© Diana Donnarumma / Personal Archive

In October that year, Diana eventually went in for the operation, which lasted eight hours. Diana’s condition is much better than before. However, she still has difficulty adjusting to the fact that she must take medication continuously.

Diana’s boyfriend, Conlan Kehrer, surprised her with a marriage proposal in 2019. And Diana knew, deep down, that she wanted her donor’s father to be a part of their wedding in some capacity. She knew that it would carry a great deal of significance for Daniel, whose daughter had passed away before she could get married.

© Diana Donnarumma / Personal Archive

When it came time for Diana’s big day, she begged Daniel to act as if she were his daughter and carry her down the aisle as far as he could. Daniel was overcome with emotion by the number of individuals who praised him and his daughter for their role in rescuing Diana. However, it was difficult for him to attend Diana’s wedding.

Diana did it because she believed it was the proper thing to do and because it was the least she could to honor Heather’s memory. For Daniel, it was a full circle moment and one he will cherish and remember for the rest of his life.

© Diana Donnarumma / Personal Archive

Written by Liam Stevens

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