50 Weird and Funny Things People Found on the Subway

Subway rides can be unpredictable and entertaining, and these 50 photos are proof of that. From New York to Tokyo, people have captured the weird and funny things they’ve seen on their subway journeys.

In one photo, a man is seen riding the subway with a giant inflatable pizza. In another, a woman is wearing a full-body unicorn costume. And in yet another, a group of passengers are seen wearing matching dinosaur onesies.

But it’s not just costumes and props that make for subway humor. One photo shows a sign that reads “Please do not put your feet on the seat” – but someone has drawn a pair of feet on the sign itself. Another photo shows a man holding a giant bouquet of flowers with a sign that reads “I’m sorry”. What could he be sorry for?

Sometimes it’s the interactions between passengers that can be unexpected and funny. One photo shows a man sleeping on the subway with a cat curled up on his lap. In another, a group of passengers are seen singing together and playing instruments.

And of course, there are always advertisements that can add to the humor of riding on a subway. One photo shows an ad for a dating app with the tagline “Find your other half”. But someone has crossed out “other” and replaced it with “better”. Another photo shows an ad for a dentist with the tagline “Let us give you something to smile about” – but someone has added the word “not” in front of “smile”.

Overall, these 50 photos capture the diversity and entertainment value of riding on a subway. Whether you’re commuting to work or just exploring the city, you never know what weird and funny things you might come across.

#1. This guy has a turtle shell backpack

Image Source: HarryTOMalley

#2. Poor the guy on the right, he’s holding his breath, hoping they won’t notice him

Image Source: CopyX

#3. Just taking my bag for a walk

Image Source: LucasLarson

#4. A subway in Seoul had been converted into a grocery store

Image Source: The_Day_Man

#5. Be trendy

Image Source: omafist

#6. Perfect timing

Image Source: yumpop278

#7. And his name is John Cena


#8. Doggo: these seats are way too small. How’s a fella supposed to sit?

Image Source: liamrichards

#9. Someone’s enjoying their evening commute… or not

Image Source: afrowa

#10. He doesn’t sell weed, he just sells tropical plants

Image Source: zeaky888

#11. They haven’t drunk enough beer, so probably dehydrated

Image Source: cxrry

#12.  It’s good that it isn’t an advertisement for hemorrhoids

Image Source: kappi8

#13. Tiered of flying from Brooklyn to the central park daily

Image Source: __instant.classic__

#14. More concerned about the guy on the bottom right tbh

Image Source: morgannelamorte

#15. Single Bald men conference

Image Source: harpoonstencil

#16. The lady is certainly amused

Image Source: carlfreis

#17. Just another day on the subway

Image Source: REDDIT

#18. Looks like Ted Mosby trying to be Tony Stark

Image Source: ericchavez13

#19. The new Marilyn Monroe

Image Source: Noerdy

#20. This knight probably just lost his horse to the enemy that day

Image Source: Scaulbylausis

#21. My lil man looked sad

Image Source: REDDIT

#22. It’s literally the last thing she would have thought she’d sit next to

Image Source: scuppaugzpropitiate

#23. I choose you Charmander, to protect my virginity

Image Source: ARILOTTER

#24. Ah, just a casual Friday really

Image Source: Imgur

#25. He must have had a crazy night

Image Source: Pinterest

#26. A Peacock On The NYC Subway

Image source: BookerDeWittsCarbine

#27. Well…

Image source: Jazzdaddy66

#28. I Found Her. She Is Alive

Image source: 0Bits

#29. HoHoHo

Image source: Imgur

#30. You Keep Doing You

Image source: GallowBoob

#31.  A Guy Feeds A Kitten In The Subway

Image source: TheHofinstop

#32. This Man Was Sketching People On The Subway And Telling Them That They Are Beautiful

Image source: daaaabear

#33. Hmmm

Image source: subwaycreatures

#34. Super Mask

Image source: subwaycreatures

#35. Springfield

Image source: zhenxing

#36. I’m Feeling Lucky

Image source: ibsanv

#37. Cat Scarf

Image source: cyberpunkkarmathief

#38. Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Image source: Georgefayiz

#39. Taking Christmas To A Whole New Level

Image source: bendiknee

#40. Just A Fox

Image source: IosifMarianna

#41. Dude Just Whipped Out This Desk On The Subway And Started His Meeting

Image source: brdesignguy

#42. Quidditch

Image source: SanchoLibre

#43. “How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety”. Interesting

Image source: subwaycreatures

#44. Duck And Cover

Image source: WullieBlake

#45. Never Have I Wanted To Touch Someone’s Hat So Much

Image source: beckyshangrila

#46. Do You Think She Woke Up In Brooklyn?

Image source: dervison123

#47. Try Explaining To Your Boss That You’re Late Because You Missed Your Stop While Feeding A Pink Chicken Cheerios On The Subway

Image source: subwaycreatures

#48. Saying Hey From The NYC Subway

Image source: StuffyUnicorn

#49. Spotted On The Subway

Image source: crazeecatladee

#50. Brazilians In The Moscow Metro

Image source: sallem654

Written by Hailey Martin

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