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37 Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Places Shared by the Reddit Community

Abandoned places have a certain allure and mystery about them, and for many people, the idea of exploring these forgotten and abandoned spaces is highly appealing. If you’re one of these people, then you’ll love these 37 hauntingly beautiful abandoned places shared by the Reddit community.

The Abandoned Everything subreddit is home to more than 1.9 million followers, all of whom are dedicated to sharing high-quality images of abandoned things and places. From forgotten mansions to abandoned factories, these photos showcase the beauty and eerie atmosphere of these abandoned spaces.

So if you’re a fan of abandoned places and want to see more of these hauntingly beautiful images, be sure to follow the Abandoned Everything subreddit. And if you’re interested in exploring the works of the photographers behind these photos, we’ve included links to their collections and personal sites so you can see more of their work. Scroll down and enjoy these 30 hauntingly beautiful abandoned places shared by the Reddit community.

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Nature overtaking a row of street cars at a former coal mining railroad shop 

Image Source: u/chrisluckhardt

Vacant hotel at a wonderful lake

Image Source: u/explorationofdecay

Cracked and faded statue of cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, the first person to die in a space flight, at an abandoned children’s camp outside Moscow

Image Source: u/ParnsipPeartree

Abandoned house in the Republic of Karelia, Russia

Image Source: u/iam_nobody

 I was shunned from r/cozyplaces for this and told I’d be welcomed here. Sintra, Portugal

Image Source: u/Ainnzod

Roller coaster falling apart for 17 years and surrounded by overgrowth

Image Source: u/chrisluckhardt

Abandoned Rail Bridge in Taiwan

Image Source: u/BenTokin

Abandoned Library

Image Source: u/morganmonroe81

Forgotten Treehouse in Redmond, Washington

Image Source: u/sausagespolish

The Wyndclyffe Mansion

Image Source: u/RIPJ4WZ

Hotel, Sicily

Image Source: u/Strange_Mastodon9365

Outside an amusement park in my town

Image Source: u/lrecter

 Escalators stopped in time, nature takes over it

Image Source: u/brokenbonessociety

For more than 20 years, these handsome ships have been standing and slowly decaying under the influence of time. The only water they see is rain falling from the sky

Image Source: u/Scientiaetnatura065

This House In Nova Scotia, Canada

Image Source: u/mtlgrems

Beautiful abandoned castle in France

Image Source: u/SymphonyOfDecay

Inside an abandoned apartment building in Vorkuta, a city located north of the Arctic Circle in the Komi Republic, Russia

Image Source: u/Silverfrost5549

The last abandoned house that sits on an eroding island…

Image Source: u/animalcrossingnews

Old tanks left underwater

Image Source: u/zem204

An abandoned magical place

Image Source: u/LikkleFreakle

Over 2,500 retired MTA subway cars have been dumped into the Atlantic Ocean to create artificial reefs for fish

Image Source: u/cstocksv

Long abandoned RR track

Image Source: u/morganmonroe81

This car has been here my whole life

Image Source: u/phreakinpher

Found this beautiful tree growing inside an abandoned silo while I was exploring

Image Source: u/runswithjello

Electric car company lot left to rot after bankruptcy

Image Source: u/WideEyes369

Jet Graveyard

Image Source: u/SHeePMaN11

Captured Japanese mini submarine in the Aleutian Islands, 1943 and 2021

Image Source: u/hi_im_mom

Abandoned Gothic church in Portugal

Image Source: u/DrFetusRN

Railroad tracks in forest

Image Source: u/spacejockey8

MS World Discoverer was a german expedition cruise ship. It hit a uncharted reef in the sandfly passage, Solomon Islands 29. April 2000.

Image Source: u/hsangnaes

Abandoned church in middle of forest

Image Source: u/freewill-lastwish

SS City of Adelaide, wrecked off the coast of Magnetic Island

Image Source: u/[deleted]

This Hotel In Europe

Image Source: u/mtlgrems

Abandoned temple in the jungle

Image Source: u/[deleted]

Irish Castle on an Island in a lake

Image Source: u/13thSpider

S. S. Entropy, Somewhere in Louisiana

Image Source: u/ressedue

Tiny Red Car Deserted On A Tiny Isle…

Image Source: u/Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

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