35 Examples of Pareidolia That Will Make You Do a Double Take

Have you ever looked at a random or ambiguous pattern and saw something meaningful in it? That’s pareidolia, the tendency to perceive a specific image in a visual pattern. These 35 photos showcase the power of pareidolia and will have you doing a double take as you try to make sense of the confusing perspectives.

From faces in clouds to animal shapes in rocks, these images will challenge your perception and inspire you to see the world in a different way. All of the photos in this gallery are linked to their sources, so you can learn more about these mind-boggling images and explore the work of the photographers who captured them.

Scroll down and let these examples of pareidolia blow your mind. Don’t hesitate to visit the photographers’ personal sites or collections for more of their amazing work.

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#1 In my garden, there is a cute little dragonfly that appears to be grinning.

Image Source: ladyinrred

#2 A scaleless corn snake with a head stamp that reads “ace of hearts” naturally

Image Source: noodleisacat

#3 These eggs appear squishy because of the shadows.

Image Source: cantthink0fanything

#4 The perfect cloud tree alignment

Image Source: onegalnamedsal

#5 I was surprised when I stepped outside! It appears to be a rose that the wind has just created!

Image Source: mledonne

#6 It appeared as though this man had no head from the way he was standing.

Image Source: AlexTheChase

#7 One of the luckiest times I’ve ever had when taking photos

Image Source: Mul_Dev

#8 Downtown Los Angeles appeared to be on fire during the morning due to the dense fog.

Image Source: kinggeorgieo

#9 I appeared to be trapped in the concrete in my girlfriend’s photograph.

Image Source: Huddunkachug

#10 I captured a wonderful image of a goose, however the pigeon in the background gave the impression that the geese had a distinctive beak.

Image Source: _gromice_

#11 Spectacular Palm

Image Source: MrSllew

#12 You’ll never see this cat do this again in your life, so it’s as if the universe’s stars all lined up for it to happen.

Image Source: Vuthakral

#13 Dogs On A Floor

Image Source: SupremeHug

#14 Goddess Still Exists

Image Source: brianingram

#15 Hey there, guys!

Image Source: YhCHKN

#16 My slippers appear to be engaged in illicit activity.

Image Source: forbestalley

#17 This Man Was Found Hiding Behind A Picture Frame.

Image Source: Dark0DZ

#18 The propeller appeared to be melting due of the shutter speed.

Image Source: hmistry

#19 My purse resembles Jabba the Hutt

Image Source: Bbbodypaint / Reddit© Return Of The Jedi / 20th Century Studios

#20 Huge bookcase

Image Source: raidd1

#21 There aren’t any buck teeth in my dog. The snow is what gave the impression that he exists.

Image Source: schlinker

#22 Dude In Martini Has Had Too Much To Drink

Image Source: xsited1

#23 Burning Beauty

Image Source: mmtinstitute

#24 This nearly caused me to scream.

Image Source: evrenne

#25 My cracked egg, which resembles a frightened ghost

Image Source: bartleboom

#26 The way my daughter’s suitcase appears to be upset about being left on the stairs

Image Source: El_moebes

#27 Who ate their burger while it was snowing?

Image Source: Captainthib13

#28 This beet resembles the human heart.

Image Source: FilippKaba

#29 The sun and table together gave the impression that I was wearing a fishnet.

Image Source: Rarararaaayka

#30 The beluga plane resembles one in every way.

Image Source: Julien Jeany / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY-SA 4.0©

#31 Cactus Climbing A Little Rock

Image Source: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#32 I discovered a rock that resembles a Brussels sprout.

Image Source: New-Possibility-9144

#33 Huge Hug!

Image Source: stfudonny

#34 Accidental reflection gave the impression that the gorilla had abducted the child.

Image Source: hshshssmaksb

#35 Pew Pew.. My favorite, though not mine…

Image Source: Imgur

Written by Liam Stevens

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