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25 Hilariously Painful Photos of People Having the Worst Day Ever

Everyone has had a day where nothing seems to go right. From car troubles to sleep deprivation, we’ve all been there. And while it’s easy to feel grumpy and full of self-pity, sometimes all it takes is a good laugh to turn things around. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet to bring you 25 hilarious photos of people having the worst day ever.

Whether it’s the person who slept through their alarm and missed their flight, or the one who got their head stuck in a railing, these photos are sure to bring a smile to your face. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the funniest collection of bad day photos that the internet has to offer.

Each photo is linked to its original source, so you can explore the works of these photographers and see more of their hilarious collections. Whether you’re having a bad day or just need a good laugh, these photos are sure to bring a smile to your face. So why not share them with your friends and family and spread a little joy in the world?

#1 Does my cat now qualify as an abstract artist?

Source: u/Kittensinglasses

#2 Couple Standing Next to Their Burning Car

Source: u/Ste93E

#3 everything was taken save the frame.

Source: u/alexbayside

#4 I reserved a hotel room for a huge event that starts today in July. When we got to the hotel, we were informed that there was no space for us. I’m also the day’s guest.

Source: u/GrandCenobite

#5 Just as the market opened, a vendor unintentionally spilled all of their Horchata.

Source: u/TheRealCptnGoldbeard

#6 when putting on clothes in the dark and dreading going to work

Source: u/MarineDawg1775

#7 When you neglect the sunroof on your brand-new car…

Source: u/Atillion

#8 I made the impulsive decision to buy my wife a new plant from an expensive local florist that I most likely cannot afford. One of the heads was ripped off as I tripped over it while loading it into my car.

Source: u/adamchain

#9 In front of us, new neighbors moved in. They never turn off these lights. At two in the morning, this is the scene out of our bedroom windows.

Source: u/akrolina

#10 splintered plane

Source: u/flatesterify

#11 a fantastic way to begin my morning

Source: u/squishydonkey

#12 I send this final message with 2% of my battery.

Source: u/Oshawott_is_cute

#13 You won’t succeed, sorry.

Source: u/IAmQuotingAMoron

#14 Hopefully the spider was captured by the cops.

Source: u/enirtema

#15 A friend of mine observed this at the nearby Walmart.

Source: u/CutoffThought

#16 Knife beaten by melon

Source: u/IllLockstep

#17 My apple pencil was eaten by my dog.

Source: u/TheFlamingTiger777

#18 The day after my girlfriend left, I had my alternator sized, and as soon as the repair was complete, the mechanic backed into a tow vehicle.

Source: u/LeGarretteBlunt420

#19 Oh well, it seems like I’m in luck today.

Source: u/amaurer3210

#20 Kitty panicked after stumbling upon a large cobweb.

Source: u/maq_aries

#21 Father lost his cane.

Source: u/MellyBoBelly22

#22 My young child discovered my Cintiq pen and completely disassembled it.

Source: u/Duskychaos

#23 £50 for a complete car valet, then a little hike with the dog on what appeared to be firm ground.

Source: u/happycat_ishappy

#24 regrets his decisions in life

Source: u/StridentQepiq

#25 Ever considered hiring?

Source: u/Thaitail53

Written by Ava Levine

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