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25 Hilarious ‘Well That Sucks’ Moments to Brighten Up Your Bad Day

Bad days are a part of life and can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a terrible commute, a frustrating meeting, or a broken gadget, we all have our fair share of “Well that sucks” moments. But what if we told you that your bad day might not be as bad as these 25 hilarious unlucky moments?

From failed parking attempts to unexpected animal encounters, these pictures will have you laughing and feeling better in no time. Trust us, after seeing these funny mishaps, your own bad day will seem like a walk in the park.

So if you’re feeling down and need a little pick-me-up, scroll through this list of 25 hilarious “Well that sucks” moments. You won’t regret it!

#1. It appears that this is my lucky day.

Source: amaurer3210

#2. I don’t dress up. I went to great lengths to dress nicely for a major work function, only to have the photo they post make it appear as though I’m wearing jeans and boots underneath my dress.

Source: maggieeeee12345

#3. At work, a bird smacked a car in the face.

Source: pawesome1

#4. Very cool. I’ll watch.

Source: kingkool68

#5 when putting on clothes in the dark and dreading going to work

Source: MarineDawg1775

#6. With one of Rachael Ray’s roasting trays, I unintentionally inscribed my name on myself.

Source: doyouhaveeyedrops

#7. My toothbrush was covered with gecko poop last night.

Source: Raffello

#8. I don’t paint frequently, so remembering to wear gloves this time made me quite pleased of myself.

Source: BugsRFeatures2

#9. Arrived at work and made coffee… and then knocked over my preferred cup. I merely desired a cup of coffee.

Source: NobodyCARESGarrett

#10. I accidentally caught some poison ivy in my eyes.

Source: Chazm0dan

#11. When you neglect the sunroof on your brand-new car…

Source: Atillion

#12 Forgot I was preparing French-fry oil.

Source: fasada68

#13. After receiving my deposit, the ATM shut off, and the money did not appear in my account.

Source: LordSeptember

#14. acquired four rolls of Spree. Everybody only had orange candies. The only flavor I dislike is orange.

Source: ProfessionSilver2391

#15. Someone decided to post a critique on the paint job after the pub where I work underwent a recent makeover.

Source: Sister_Ceres

#16. . During a week of power outages while traveling, I forgot about the food in the refrigerator. returned to this

Source: ssigea

#17. Knife beaten by melon

Source: IllLockstep

#18. I recently purchased this underwater protection case in Thailand and used it while swimming.

Source: OhCrapMyNameIsTooLon

#19. I fell yesterday upon the pavement. my worst worst nightmare

Source: slavcringe

#20. 2-hour-old, unused, brand-new merchandise Red Wing boots fell apart. cost my friend a working day.

Source: Goof-Off-Corpse

#21. I had just arrived in my hometown when my bike’s wheels were stolen, forcing me to trek six kilometers while carrying the bike’s frame.

Source: Slyvan25

#22. Forgot to close the garage for an hour. They are commonplace.

Source: bugsontheside

#23. We decided to inspect our car last night because of the blizzard.

Source: justinmillerco

#24. Both my pal and I work as extras in films and stock photographers. I recently noticed him depicted on a Florida bus as a sex offender.

Source: devandangers

#25. The dinner invitation from my in-laws was a ruse.

Source: reddit

Written by Ava Levine

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