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Life is full of surprises, both good and bad. When bad things happen, it’s okay to feel down and let yourself cry over it. But sometimes, sharing it with others and looking at it with a little humor can make things a little better. In this article, we’ve compiled 20 instances of people on Reddit who shared their misfortunes with humor and made us laugh along with them these 20 instances show us that sometimes, bad things happen and we can’t control them. But we can control how we react to them. Sharing them with others and looking at them with a little humor can make them seem a little less bad. So the next time something bad happens to you, remember to share it with others and find a way to laugh about it.

#1. I wore an old pair of boots today and halfway through the day, the heals just kind of disconnected

Source: Novela_Individual

#2. Not sure how it happened, but the damage was done, so I took the pic

Source: AVPJack

#3. Door handle at school came off

Source: Professional_Gas7425

#4. My wife helped me sunscreen my back at beach day today

Source: Leeroy_D

#5. When you’re enjoying a bite to eat and end up frantically googling about cordyceps

Source: BeardedGlass

#6. My father had to be freed from the locked toilet this morning

Source: NeverKlas

#7. My cat played with my airpods and lost one in the heating vent

Source: ItzSurgeBruh

#8. When your iPhone decides it wants to be an Xbox after you drop it

Source: OneCoolBean45

#9. Should probably invest in sunscreen

Source: natezim

#10. This avocado

Source: 16596

#11. Just got home from the bakery … was so looking forward to this Almond and Custard Cronut

Source: RandorzRedJockz

#12. In class this morning, found out I had a huge rip in the ass of my pants 2 hours in. Another 10 to go.

Source: AnxiousAsthmatic94

#13. I wanted to eat lunch at my desk, but…

Source: Vikkio92

#14. You know you’re having a bad day when the spare tp rolls out…

Source: kcelsius

#15. Unsuccessful fries thief

Source: GallowBoob

#16. My eyeliner was ON POINT this morning… and then I sneezed.

Source: Cronchy_Tacos

#17. Got a sewing needle stuck in my finger

Source: Chanclaphobia

#18. I sprained my ankle on the first day of track practice

Source: THEBEASTcraftRS

#19. Happened to me while visiting my parents a while ago

Source: colder-beef

#20. My spatula broke making eggs this morning

Source: OpalCardFraud

#21. My kid during his birthday safari

Source: spencabt

#22. It is my birthday today and I lost half of my tooth. Oh well…

Source: Peejay22

Written by Hailey Martin

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