22 Hilarious Background Surprises That Are More Interesting Than The Subject

Get ready for a good laugh! We’ve collected some of the funniest and most unexpected photobombs that will leave you in stitches. Even though the foreground is usually what grabs our attention in a photo, these photobombed shots steal the show in the most unexpected ways.

Though they may not have been planned, these hilarious moments make for truly unique and memorable photos. From animals to people, these photobombs add a touch of comedy to otherwise ordinary shots.

Scroll down and enjoy the show. These photobombed photos will have you laughing and sharing with friends and family. Don’t miss out on this viral collection of unexpected and amusing photobombs.

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#1 What was going on behind the scenes?

Source: sasquatchh

#2 Hi there…!

Source: BearWithAScarf

#3 Do You Guys Snap Selfies?

Source: MadrushnRU

#4 Ahhhhh….

Source: FellSamurai

#5 Perfect selfie time

Source: ppswwe

#6 How Coincident

Source: GummieLindsays

#7 Butterfly attack

Source: Bigforsumthin

#8 Sorry But It’s Funny

Source: BryanwithaY

#9 Nice selfie

Source: OceanGoingSoul

#10 Where’s leg?

Source: heyitslolo

#11 Setting New Standards for Pigtail Fashion

Source: ascendantofrain

#12 He simply kisses himself sweetly.

Source: Trampolice

#13 Elmo Appears To Have Just Found His Husband Cheating

Source: kazaamx

#14 Hey stop..

Source: SarkyTyke

#15 The Unintentional Photobomb of Tim Duncan

Source: jaycrew

#16 Adorable couple

Source: taterpig

#17 Hello there. I’m in the rear.

Source: A_fish_called_tiger

#18 The Three Stages of the majority of Relationships Shown In One Image

Source: RemoteControlArtist

#19 Stunning photobomb

Source: vanillapopcorn

#20 Blow Up A Prom

Source: millselle

#21 Lovely couple

Source: nurseratchet86

#22 Ooops…!

Source: Get_Stamosed

Written by Liam Stevens

Get ready to be amazed: The viral bridal makeup transformations of Arber Bytyqi

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