20 Selfish Jerks Who Make You Lose Faith in Humanity

Do you ever find yourself thinking that humanity should be more loving and empathetic towards one another? That we should treat others with kindness and respect? While this is a beautiful sentiment, the reality is that not everyone is capable of being loved or showing kindness to others.

There are some people in this world who are so selfish and self-centered that they make those around them lose faith in humanity. They behave in ways that are frustrating, disappointing, and sometimes downright infuriating.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with people like this, you know how it can affect your mood and outlook on life. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 20 selfish jerks who will make you question why people like them exist in the world.

#1.Three People, Twelve Seats… That Doesn’t Seem Fair

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#2.Unpleasant Experience of Sitting Next to Someone’s Feet at a Baseball Game

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#3.Sympathy for the Person Who Has to Clean Up This Mess

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#4.Lady Kneeling on Bread While She Looks at Other Bread

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#5.Letting Your Child Watch a Movie on Full Volume in a Restaurant

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#6.Relaxing on the Apples, Because Why Not?

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#7.Woman Ignores Staff’s Requests to Stop Damaging Plants for Instagram Photos

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#8.The State of the Floor… Not Pleasant

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#9.Using the Only Fan in a Crowded Waiting Room to Cool Your Hot Box

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#10.Trash Can Only Four Feet Away, Yet Still Littering

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#11.Some People Taking Up Two Seats While Others Stand

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#12.Frustrating Behaviors of Certain Types of People

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#13.Parents Teaching Their Children It’s Okay to Leave Libraries in Disarray

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#14.Frustration of Waiting Through Two Sets of Green Lights

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#15.Public Park Littered with Plastic Confetti from a Gender Reveal Party

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#16.A Note That Should Not Need to Be Written, But Sadly Does

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#17.People Behaving Like Total Jerks During the Coronavirus Crisis

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#18.When Someone Takes Up Two Seats Instead of Just One

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#19.The Questionable Placement of Hair

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#20.Plastic Petals – Not Quite the Real Thing.

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Written by Hailey Martin

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