20 Photos That Will Make You Do a Double Take (and Then a Triple Take)

Many might think that the Internet’s optical illusion photos are usually edited or have hidden secrets. But, it’s hard to believe that these surprising, natural images can happen quite often. Some people online managed to capture surreal moments and shared these pictures to change doubters’ minds.

At spotless talk, we want to show you interesting everyday life photos. This article has unexpected shots that create real optical illusions. This collection proves that the way you look at things makes all the difference.

#1 It’s a hot day

Image Source: DCA4242

#2 The ship appears to be floating.

Image Source: KAPH86

#3 Does that dog look like it’s standing up to anyone else?

Image Source: Ignorant_Grasshoppa

#4 This cat appears to be emerging from a TV.

Image Source: farts_tickle_my_nuts

#5 That’s not a Mohawk.

Image Source: Flimsy_Researcher

#6 I took this photo of my wife and baby, and it’s just an odd wrist angle, but it’s still weird as hell.

Image Source: clarkcw1

#7 I still dont know if something is there?

Image Source: EmbarrassedSolid4582

#8 I thought that was an odd angle.

Image Source: luckisking

#9 I had to do a double take.

Image Source: shedontmissme

#10 The scratched paint on our bathroom wall

Image Source: TheKatkaRapu

#11 The stack of papers has a passing resemblance to Master Shake, a character from the animated television series Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Image Source: noonelikesyou2

#12 The truck’s logo is a stylized possum.

Image Source: Ih8hate

#13 This photo appears to be of a mermaid. What do you see?

Image Source: lanchendesigns

#14 The framing of this photo makes it look like he is floating.

Image Source: ReelBigInDaPantz

#15 My cat looks like she’s standing on stilts.

Image Source: IncipitTragoedia

#16 This puppy looks like he has a goatee.


#17 The dried-out marsh looks like it’s been flipped upside down.

Image Source: cherrydiamond

#18 This tree has a dinosaur-like appearance.

Image Source: reddit

#19 This lime appears to be floating.

Image Source: redhatpro

#20 My lamp appears to be in two places at once.

Image Source: color-meets-paper

Written by Dasun Maduranga

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