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20 Hilarious Recreated Childhood Photos That Will Take You on a Trip Down Memory Lane

Take a walk down memory lane with these recreated childhood photos. From silly poses to embarrassing moments, these photos will bring back memories and make you laugh. See the similarities and differences between then and now as people recreate their childhood photographs as adults.

Some people have decided to replicate their childhood photographs and compare them to themselves as adults to reclaim some of that delight. Many people tried their hardest to reproduce their old photos as closely as possible, and the results are a wonderful combination of adorable and humorous.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite photographs from around the internet, and we hope you like them as much as we did. Whether it’s recreating silly poses, replicating childhood outfits or re-enacting embarrassing moments, these photos will bring a smile to your face and remind you of the good old days.

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#1 18 years later, we recreated the same Christmas photo, with me as the lamb.

source: WheatSheepOre

#2 A comparison of a current photo and an older one.

source: TumblrReport

#3 The same boy, on the same rug, wearing the same pair of knickers as in a previous photo.

Image source: reddit

#4 The effort and dedication put into recreating a photo of my brother and me is astounding.

source: tyrol13 

#5 siblings taking a shower together.

Image source: woodyj

#6 It’s been 16 years since the original photo was taken.

source: ahmedillo

#7 My brother and I recreated a childhood photo of us as fully grown adults for my mother’s birthday.

source: ThatsGoldJerry_Gold

#8 Despite our age, we’re still dorks, and my younger brother is no longer so small.

source: Emma Brandt

#9 A recreation of a photo of brothers.

source: Zack Lewis

#10 11 years later, my opinion of Burger King hasn’t changed, and my friends are still strange.

source: ScootaBoy93

#11 Playing in the sand remains a favorite activity for my brother and sister.

source: unknown

#12 Despite the passing of eight years, we haven’t changed much.

source: Ryen Stone

#13 19 years later, we recreated a photo from our childhood.

source: walkertexasranger06

#14 A comparison of a current photo and an older one.

source: unknown

#15 Halloween costumes 16 years later.

source: iNeverQuiteWas

#16 Keeping the spirit of childhood alive.

source: urningapollo15 

#17 For Mother’s Day, my brothers and I decided to recreate a photo of us that our mother loved, 20 years later.

source: TheHeavensWillBurn 

#18 For my mother, we recreated photos from our childhood.

 source: Maddy Rox

#19 A comparison of photos of sisters, then and now.

source: unknown

#20 After 21 years, we’ve reunited and our support for the Broncos football team remains strong.

source: unknown

Written by Hannah Johnson

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