20 Hilarious Photos of Parents Surviving Quarantine with Their Kids

As the pandemic took hold of the world, lockdowns were enforced, and people were asked to stay at home. For parents with kids, this meant dealing with homeschooling and keeping their little ones entertained 24/7. It wasn’t easy, but some parents managed to make the best out of it and had some fun along the way.

We have compiled a list of 20 hilarious photos from parents who were stuck at home with their kids during quarantine. From makeshift classrooms to creative activities, these photos will make you laugh and maybe even inspire you to come up with your own fun ideas.

Some parents turned their homes into a playground, building pillow forts and obstacle courses to keep their kids active and occupied. Others decided to use the time to teach their children some life skills, such as cooking and gardening.

But let’s not forget the struggles that come with homeschooling. From dealing with technical difficulties during online classes to trying to get your child to focus on their work, it’s not always easy. Some parents even resorted to creating funny memes and parodies to cope with the stress.

One thing is for sure, these parents proved that even during a pandemic, they could still find humor and joy in their daily lives. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with homeschooling and keeping your kids entertained, take a look at these photos and remember that you’re not alone. We’re all in this together.

#1.”Today, my children insisted that I wear my wedding dress during lunch, and I couldn’t come up with a valid reason to decline.”


#2.”Balancing work and parenting while working from home.”


#3.”With schools and sports canceled and the need for social distancing, our cozy fort became the hub for my three kids.”


#4.”Engaged in remote work from the comfort of home.”


#5.”I understand that the current virus situation is frightening, but imagine trying to work with a 4-year-old dressed as Spiderman perched on the kitchen table behind you.”


#6.”Our transition from homeschooling to a roller skating party happened unexpectedly fast.”


#7.”Enjoying the new view from my home office.”


#8.”Stumbled upon this during my morning walk.”


#9.”Using my tears to clean the dried green paint specks scattered all over our house.”


#10.”Discover ways to keep your kids occupied while at home.”

Stephanie Craig

#11.”The isolation period is proceeding smoothly.”


#12.”Engaged in remote work from the confines of my home.”


#13.”On the second day of our six-week break, my child managed to break our TV.”


#14.”My son recently realized that I’m not physically at work but rather working from home.”


#15.”While the world is grappling over toilet paper, my toddler is using it for a bath.”


#16.”Fed up with interruptions from your kids while attempting to work at home? Hang underwear on the doorknob for some much-needed privacy.”


#17.”My little one cut his hair yesterday, and then agreed to let me have some fun with it before we fixed it.”


#18.”Working from home with this energetic little troublemaker.”


#19.”Perhaps outsourcing my homeschooling wasn’t the best idea.”


#20.”‘Daaaad, we’re bored!’ (Day 1 of lockdown) ‘Well, let’s strip down this laptop and this desktop, and then rebuild them.'”


Written by Hailey Martin

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