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19 Hilarious Examples of When Life Gets a Little Messy

We’ve all had those days where nothing seems to go right. Maybe you burnt your breakfast, spilled coffee on your shirt, or got stuck in traffic. But have you ever had a day so bad that it’s worthy of being shared on the internet? These 19 images of folks whose days turned sour will have you laughing and relating to their struggles.

First on our list is a woman who worked hard to make a delicious khachapuri, only to end up with a bun. We’ve all been there, trying to impress someone with our cooking skills only to have it all go wrong. But hey, at least it still tastes good!
Next, we have a man who spent his money on a heart-shaped bike tail light, only to realize it was hilarious. We can only imagine the reactions of his friends and family when they saw it.

But it’s not just humans who have bad days, pets can too. Like this dog who got a hilarious DIY haircut from its owner. We can only hope that the dog was as amused by its new look as we are.

These are just a few examples of the many hilarious images of folks whose days turned sour. But as the saying goes, “failure is the mother of experience.” We can learn from our mistakes and find comedy in every circumstance, even the challenging ones. So the next time you have a rough day, just remember that you’re not alone. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll make for a funny internet post.

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#1 Pizza with meat circles that my partner created was baked for five hours. I’m no longer the family’s lousy cook.

Source: ISeeDeadPeopleEveryday

#2 Benefits of red hair: No risk of cancer!

Source: jessesewell

#3 I’m alright, everything from the fridge is in this soup in the car.

Source: Courtney_JLA_

#4 I messed up! But I’ll warn everyone that it’s spooky for Halloween. That functions, right?

Source: denadickinson0071337

#5 These small ass wings cost $19 for eight from a nearby barbecue restaurant.

Source: sexyc3po

#6 I had a much cuter mental image of this.

Source: howierid

#7 went to get a haircut, and this is what I got.

Source: ronniegonzalez123

#8 Vitamins for my friend solidified into a brick. Now, he takes them in this manner.

Source: colonel_whiskers

#9 My hairdresser made me look bad

Source: paigeycakes14

#10 I instructed the pet shop employee to merely remove the bangs from my dog’s eyes, but when he returned, he was an 80-year-old bald gentlemen.

Source: fearfactory

#11 DIY hairstyle

Source: stowaway36

#12 Macarons from France

Source: imgursmimgur

#13 My friend’s child gave himself a haircut for his upcoming school photo when she got home.

Source: catlowman

#14 Draw the string…

Source: Eclipsegst97

#15 The customer claimed that none of the four were hurt, but we can’t say the same about the vehicle.

Source: Misterr_Carlos

#16 I so made an attempt at a khachapuri. Realities vs. Expectations.

Source: anastazy_kuznetsova

#17 I therefore purchased this beautiful heart-shaped rear light for my bike.

Source: Arthaz

#18 Would you like me to take a picture of you two in your lovebirds? asked a kind old man at the beach. My wife: “Please, yes!” You got it!

Source: Tyguy462

Written by Liam Stevens

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